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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: folders (Finsbury EC1V)
Offer: first aid box (Finsbury EC1V) - just first aid box, no items
Offer: extension leads (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted
Offer: in trays (Finsbury EC1V) Withdrawn
Offer: Assorted crockery and baking kit (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - assorted crockery and baking available
Offer: Assorted crockery/ baking kit (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - Assorted crockery and baking available Offer: Coffee machines & pots (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - Two coffee machines available Three coffee pots
Offer: thermal binder (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted
Offer: flipchart board (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - flipchart board available - used. 136cm height (with legs) x 65cm width. Some marks on whiteboard back leg is taped in place so not adjustable
Offer: Projector screen (Finsbury EC1V) - good condition width 135 cm
Offer: Tripod no head (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - Tripod available but does not have a head
Offer: Assorted crockery (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted
Offer: CD Player (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted
Offer: Real Care Baby II dolls (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - 2 x Real Care Baby II dolls available, comes with manual, instructions, operating handbook plus extra clothes/nappies and 2 bottles
Offer: 2 x foor rests (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted
Offer: monitor stand (Finsbury EC1V) Withdrawn
Offer: guillotine (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted
Offer: spirit level (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - 120 cm
Offer: Ring binders (Finsbury EC1V) Withdrawn - We have lots of ring binders available, most in good condition
Offer: Binder (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - Binder available
Offer: Assorted pencil holders, stress balls, plug protectors (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted
Offer: Clocking in/ out board (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - 25cm x 55 cm
Offer: Framed picture of Queen Mother (Finsbury EC1V) Withdrawn - Good condition size: 57cm x 77cm
Offer: plastic sleeves (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - Lots of plastic sleeves available
Offer: Display boards felt with carry case (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - A couple display boards available - good condition 90cm x 60cm fold out
Offer: two picture frames (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - reasonable condition, would need to reattach the back board to the frame with masking tape 46cm x 64cm
Offer: white board (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - quite good condition 60cm x 90cm
Offer: Cork notice board (Finsbury EC1V) Withdrawn - 79cm x 59cm good condition
Offer: fax machine (Finsbury EC1V) Withdrawn - Fax machine available
Offer: Projector screen (Finsbury EC1V) Gifted - Overhead projector and screen available - good condition. screen width: 135cm