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Request: Battery (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I am in search for maybe a broken or unused Compaq Evo N600C these I know are old as I have one with a dead battery. I am hoping I might find one here with a good battery rather than going into bin. Fingers crossed in hope. Many Thanks
Request: Buggy (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I am looking out for a Single mum in need a buggy as in photo as she has a little girl into pink and like Silver Cross So if you have one gathering dust I can give it a good second home. Many Thanks
Request: Tires (Farnborough GU14) Withdrawn - Fiat Ducato 2.8tdi van wheel or tyre 205/75R-16C Just got a flat and spare no good :( Maybe you have scrapped a van but found wheel or tyre gathering dust and space. Here is hoping Many Thanks Request: Juicer (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Would you have gathering dust in a cupboard one of these a Juico Uno by Greenis I need spares to fix mine Can and will collect if anyone can help Many Thanks
Request: Demi John (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers or Wine makers Have you got bored or given up ? I am after some large demi john to make use of as I hate water in plastic getting a bit Howard Hughes I think. Many Thanks
Request: stairgate (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Helping out a single mum in rented property. Needs a self fixing stair gate to keep young one from straying into kitchen while there are hot things on. Not allowed to drill holes hence needing a self fixing one that once removed will show no signs of ever being there. If you have one gathering dust or space then I have a new life for it. Many Thanks
Request: 8 in 1 multi cooker (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I trust you all had a good time and good food. So I am on the look out for one of these 8 in 1 square multi cookers. If you have one sitting in a cupboard and not sure what to do with it ! ? New home waiting. Many Thanks arthur
Request: Plumbing (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Plumbers or DIY guys If you have any of these that have been taken off a job and like one in photo with a metal lever. Please don't bin them as I have a use to give new life to them. Many Thanks in advance arthur
Request: childrens dvd (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Have your young ones grown up ! Bored of watching Peppa Pig and other childrens DVDs ? I am trying to help a single mum get some time to do home studies and needs to have DVD to play so her child can watch while mum tries to do some work. If you have Peppa Pig or other childrens DVD I can give them a new life. Many Thanks Request: crystal head vodka bottle (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Please Note this is a WANTED advert. I am not a major drinker as drive to much but maybe you don't drive as you might enjoy this Vodka. Please if you do drink please can you save the bottles and let me give them new life in my projects. I can and will collect with confirmed postcode & address and never a No Show Many Thanks arthur
Request: Sofabed (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I am looking out for a double sofabed throws / covers to hide the covering of a sofabed that cannot be removed to wash :( Photo to catch attention but anything would do but if there are such with cartoon figures young child friendly that would be great ! Can and will collect with confirmed postcode & address and if having to go out let me know where to look. Many Thanks
Request: laptop working (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I am looking out for a working laptop that has CD drive, Wifi & Bluetooth. My friend needs it for Studies as just start a Uni Course but as yet not got money to buy one. So if you have had an upgrade, present or just treated yourself. Your old one would help my friend with luck thru Uni. Fingers crossed that someone will see this before throwing old one into trash. Many Thanks Request: stainless steel all hob pans (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Have you got messed up stainless all hob pans frying pan, saute pan with lid, wok or large jam pots I am only using stainless steel pans and as I have a induction hob they only work with " All Hob bases " as I found out today as I tried boiling up a soup in a stainless steel saucepan but it was not "All Hobs" also not magnetic so I tested all stainless pans I have and guess what all not magnetic so they won't work :( So if you have some that have been placed to one side I can make a new life for them. Here is hoping. Many Thanks
Request: Juicer (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Maybe you have upgraded to a more powerful model. Could be you didn't get along with juicing. If you might have one gathering dust or taking up valuable space. I can and will collect without fail with confirmed postcode & address normally within 1-8hrs Many Thanks
Request: Brita filter Jug (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Would you have bought the wrong filter or thrown or do not use your filter jug that uses this type of filter ? If you have a pack of these that might be heading for the rubbish and if local I can make use as like to try and see if they make a difference. Many Thanks
Request: PCut vinyl cutter stand (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Here is a long shot request for a PCut vinly cutter stand. I guess I will never see or get one from here but if you see the image you might have a metal stand, computer desk or something that has square metal legs etc that I could cut apart and fabricate something out of what you have. Hope to get a stand or materials. Many Thanks
Request: emf meter (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Hopefully there might be a few Electronics guys here. If you work for a large Company I know ever so often they have to update their test equipment. Maybe they have an old Multi-Field EMF Meter RF Gauss Meter 2000mG Electromagnetic Strength Warning ? I am playing around with stuff and it would have a nice new home if you know of one going. Photo is just for attention and give an idea. Many Thanks arthur
Request: vga lead (Farnborough GU14) Withdrawn - Happy New Year 2020 Freeglers Well as you know every time you think you will do and try something out something never goes to plan :( I have a large monitor and thought I had one of these leads about but alas the lead I have is male to female lead and I have no adapter. So if you have any old PC stuff leads that are near the bin and look like photo ! Please let me give it some new life. Many Thanks arthur
Request: Bunk bed (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers If you are treating office to a new A3 flatbed scanner as a upgrade. I can give your old one a new home. Heres hoping Many Thanks
Request: panel beating bag & hammers (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Well 2020 just about to start So I like to make a lot of noise by beating ally or steel. So I am on the look out for some tools and panel beating bag. If you have retired or clearing a garage and find some of these Please do not throw away I can give these tools a new life as I learn how to work metal. Please keep a look out and let me know Many Thanks arthur
Request: bowling ball (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I wonder are there any here that used to do Ten Pin Bowling ? To help out in workshop I am after different size bowling balls. If you have got some redundant bowling balls of any sizes I can re-home them into a workshop uses. Let me know and I will come and collect. Many Thanks arthur
Offer: 2 seater sofa (Farnborough GU14) Withdrawn - Hi Freeglers As in photo a 2 seat sofa in nearly black more like dark dark brown. One day offer as it is taking up space and need to give to someone in need that will come and collect. General condition good but few scuffs on back area not seen against a wall. Area to collect is North Camp. Name, phone number and when you like to collect. I need to repeat this is one day offer or it goes to firewood.
Request: Halogen Oven (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I wonder how many of these are gathering dust in cupboards and taking up space ? If you might be one with one of these doing just that because you cannot bare to throw away. Well I can give it a new life. I will collect and never a no show. Many Thanks
Request: Steamer (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Would you by chance have a set like these gatherings dust in your cupboard ? Have a single mum in need of set and to give them a forever home. Many Thanks
Request: ipad (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freegalers First I like to say thank you for all that have helped thru out this year 2019. Great stuff and helpful in projects. So have a great Christmas 2019 Now to the search if you have a working old iPad 1st, 2nd or whatever they go to. Like to help a single mum with 18mth old to watch things so mum can do her OU work on laptop. Any colour hopefully with charger. Many Thanks arthur
Request: cpu heatsink (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Those of you into computers. I am after any and all types of CPU heatsinks. Would love some like in photo. So if you have any that are gathering dust I can give them a home. Video cpu heatsinks with fans can also be re-homed. Many Thanks
Request: Portable DVD player (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I am on the look out for a single mum trying to keep young child entertained while she is out driving in the car. So as the child seems to go quite watch children programs when home. The thought is to see if I can find an in-car dvd player. So if you child or children have grown up and you have one gathering dust I know a mum that would be happy to give it a new home. Hope I get something before the big day next week. Many Thanks
Request: Battery (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers Got a single mum in need of a good battery for Fait Punto as her car has died and can’t afford one. So if you can help please PM Request: TIG welder dead or broken (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I bet the first reaction was No way a TIG welder ! Well yes I have a project and I need old dead or broken TIG welders to try and see if I can complete a project. Maybe you are in the Large Electronics Industry maybe you could help out with some Ultra Boost Capacitors 2.7V 3500muF Never know who is here or friends that they know so I am putting it out there to see if I can get lucky. Many Thanks for reading and sharing if you might know someone that can help. Thank you Request: Kettle lead 90° IEC (Farnborough GU14) - Hi Freeglers I am in need of a few 90° kettle type leads as in photo. If you have some gathering dust I can make a new life for them. Many Thanks