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Offer: Girls 24 bicycle (Toano) Gifted - No longer being used. It has been lying in garage for 2 years now. Need to fill air in tires.
Photo of free Girls 24 bicycle (Toano)
Offer: Outdoor grill (Toano) Gifted - working grill. fair condition. electronic ignition does not work so you will need to light it using a lighter. propane tank not included.
Photo of free Outdoor grill (Toano)
Offer: Gas powered blower (Toano) Gifted - I have a gas powered blower. Works sometimes and other times will start but shuts down after a few seconds. I cannot figure out whats wrong. I tried to get it repaired but result is the same. Offer: Lava rocks (Toano) Gifted - I have about 3 bins (21 gal each) of lava rocks leftover from an outdoors project. You must bring your own bins and empty the contents. I cannot help you carry them because of a bad back. If you are interested please let me know what day and time you can pick up. Request: exercise equipment (Toano) Expired - I am looking for dumbells, barbells, weights, treadmill, weight bench.... anything to keep healthy. Please let me know. Thank you. Offer: Pickled Jalapenos (Toano) Expired - A sealed large box of pickled jalapenos from Kraft Heinz. The box contains 8 smaller containers of the pickled jalapenos. Take some and give some to your neighbors if you want to. Offer: Air mattress (Toano) Gifted - very good condition. Problem appears to be with the motor...sometimes works and inflates...other times will start then stop... I wanted to ask if anyone here would be interested before I trash it.
Photo of free Air mattress (Toano)
Request: Flower pots (Toano) Expired - I am looking for pots to grow my house plants in .... they could be plastic, ceramic, metal, etc. Thanks. Offer: Hydrangea plant (Toano) Gifted - I have a hydrangea plant to give away. You have to dig and take it.
Photo of free Hydrangea plant (Toano)
Offer: 10 gallon fish tank (Toano) Gifted - I have 10 gallon fish tank to give away. Comes with rocks, plants, filtration system, heater and betta fish food. Offer: Wall decor, baseball helmets (Toano) Gifted - Wall decor 3 feet by 3 feet, two used baseball helmets.....
Photo of free Wall decor, baseball helmets (Toano)
Offer: Rose of sharon tree (Toano) Gifted - I have one 6+ foot tall rose of sharon tree. You dig and take away.