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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Spray paint, glue, etc. (East falls) Gifted - Easy patio pickup in East Falls, Philadelphia. Only serious inquiries, please. Spray paint adhesives, etc - spray paint: red, metallic, white, purple, clear matte finish - Butane Feul - Wood glue - Workable fixative - Tarn-x tarnish remover - Ebony wood stain finish - Gorilla glue - Acrylic gloss medium - Styro glue Wj4a
Request: Christmas lights (East falls) Received - Any size or color. Offer: Small aquarium pebbles (East falls) - Aquarium pebbles with glass accents and two hiding rocks. Pickup in East Falls. Please do not reach out if you do not intend to actually pickup. V97Sp
Offer: dresser (East falls) Gifted - Come pickup before the rain. Behind the 3400 block of Midvale Ave Offer: Unisex spray and solid perfume (East falls) Gifted - Spray is an interesting travel size and complements the subtle solid scented balm. Easy patio pickup in East Falls
Offer: Vintage suitcase (East falls) Gifted - Old suitcase. Not super sturdy and smells a little dingy but works. Was used for ceramic tools. Easy patio pickup in east falls YoEG
Offer: Ipsy bag (East falls) Gifted - Easy patio pickup in east falls Philadelphia
Offer: Floor cleaner and febreze (East falls) Gifted - Almost new barely used. Easy patio pickup in east falls Philadelphia
Offer: Carpet grip scraps (East falls) Gifted - Each approx 2x4’ East porch pickup in east falls Philadelphia. Serious inquiry’s only please.
Offer: Barely used shower liner (East falls) Gifted - Standard shower liner barely used. Heavy duty with grommets. Easy patio pickup in east falls, Philadelphia. Offer: Paint and varnish stripper (East falls) Gifted - Full bottle pick up in east falls (Philadelphia)
Offer: Dog food foraging toy (East falls) Gifted - Next to Italian greyhound for scale. Pick up in east falls
Offer: Cast iron handle covers (East falls) Gifted - Red, for cast iron skillet. Pick up in east falls.
Offer: Three gift boxes (East falls) Gifted - Excellent condition
Offer: Wooden box on wheels (East falls) Gifted - Little minor wear bit adds to the patina.
Request: Empty cat litter container (East falls) - Seeking empty plastic cat litter container with “hinged” lid. These are no longer recyclable in Philly but unsure about elsewhere. Will come pickup. Feel free to save multiples and reach out after you have a few. Thank you in advance for helping to reuse items.
Offer: Road signs (East falls) Gifted - Construction road sign- orange and very large 15 mph sign-medium/small sized Fire- small
Request: empty Cat litter containers (East falls) - Seeking empty plastic kitty litter containers with “hinged” top. Will pick up, looking for multiples. Will travel farther for larger quantities of empty containers.
Offer: Road signs (East falls) Gifted - Ranging Very large to very small. - orange construction - 15 mph - fire
Offer: Hat box (East falls) Gifted - Medium hat box with floral print. Offer: Color-aid (East falls) Gifted - Used color-aid for collage, design, etc.
Offer: Cigar boxes and gift boxes (East falls) Gifted - Various sizes and shapes all in excellent condition