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Request: tech items in quarantine (Harlem) Expired - Hello everyone! I hope we're all adhering to best safety precautions. Crazy time. Suddenly, at the worst of times I'm wondering if any of you have any of the following: A Bluetooth keyboard, any kind of E-reader, or any kind of radio? I know it's a bad time in an awkward space but, no harm in asking. Obviously I can pick up, or it thr item isn't cumbersome one mailing can be an option? Either way, you guys stay safe. Don't think it's a big deal over nothing. It's real. Be good and thanks. Request: Asking for Donations for the needy (Upper East Side) Expired - Hello everyone! If you live in New York city I'm sure you can't miss the city's homeless. Or perhaps you know someone who is in need of items they can't afford without denying themselves some other important thing. I'm wondering if anyone has any clothing items: coats, sweaters, boots, sneakers, shirts, scarfs, etc, to donate. I can pick up, or arrange to have items picked up and taken to churches who distribute them to those who need it. *Especial emphasis of men's clothing, but women's clothing is also needed. As well as other general items, umbrellas, nail clippers, and the like. Items that help make a person feel civilized, clean or just comfortable. I know it's a lot to ask for, but the need is real. Contact me if you're anywhere in the five boroughs, but I'm located in Manhattan and can more readily get to you if you're in the area. Thank you in advance. Merry holidays 🙏 Request: HD TV (OTA), Antenna (Upper East Side) Expired - I don't use cable opting for the regular Over The Air channels which are really enough TV for me. But my antenna is the antiquated kind. Pretty sure I'd get better reception and a few more channels available with a proper (HD) rabbit ear. Does anyone have one they regard with contempt for their old time-Ness? Hope everyone had a good Turkey day 🙏 Request: Computer Towers (Upper East Side) Expired - Currently find I need a Computer tower. Long shot I figure but it's worth asking. Something not too old? In the neighborhood of 200gs SSD, 4-6gig Ram, and wifi ready? Thank you in advance.