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Request: Rv or similar mobile dwelling unit (Castro Valley) - Hello, My little family of 3 would greatly appreciate it if anyone possibly has an RV it anything similar (in livable condition though we are more than willing to put work into it. Moreso labor than financial due to a lack there of) We hope to hear back soon.. We've been having a rough year and it just started, even before all of this coronavirus insanity, our lives could use some stability.. Thank you for reading.. PS. If you want to know more about us, I'll pretty much tell you whatever you want to know. I'm an open book and we just want what's best for our son.. Kisses, Kayla 🖤 Everyone please stay healthy and safe! 🙏 Request: Medical bandaging (Castro Valley) - Does anyone have any medical bandaging that that haven't had a use for? I have an injury that requires not non-adhering gauze and gauze wrap for my wrist and hand that just be changed semi-frequently and the cost of it is killing me. Ive gone through meet my all of my first aid supplies already to I figured I'd put a line out and see. If theres any other bandaging supplies you don need I'm not opposed to adding it to my aid bag but the above mentioned is all that i have current necessity for Thanks, Kayla Offer: Kids toys (Castro Valley) Gifted - Misc. Kids toys, mostly trucks and cars and such. Someone left a bunch of other toys out so after going through them we got rid of some of ours in return. (Kind of like those take a book leave a book things) Please help yourself! 🙃 ♥️ Kayla
Request: Mobile home, rv, or trailer (Castro Valley) - Does anyone have anything that could possibly accommodate my little family of 3? Maybe something taking up space and collecting dust in your driveway or backyard? Or maybe it's time you get the newer model and no longer need the old one? With rent being so insane everywhere right now we (like many others experiencing the trials of homelessness) are having a hard time getting back on our feet. If anyone has any leads please don't hesitate to get a hold of me. Much love, Kayla. Request: Paint Pens and Craft Things :) (Castro Valley) - Preferably mostly black, reds, gold, copper, bronze, browns etc. Perfect your touching up furnitures and crafts and such. Any notepads, organizational, multifunction, useful travel things and such. We are trying to downsize our stuff so as I go through and organize everything I will be posting a good amount in the upcoming new year Request: Any items as listed below :) (Castro Valley) - Arts and Crafts Embossing - I was recently given several ink pads, powders and a heat gun for embossing. If anyone has any pens or stamps or powders and such that they no longer utilize it would be greatly appreciated. Drawing - also any colored pencils or markers for my two year old whom im getting into arts and crafts with as well as for myself. Fine point pens (I love making mandalas which I hope to incorporate into my new embossing craft as well for more pop) Thick card stock or other types of colored, fancy papers. Paints - any spare spray paints (mostly black, browns, reds, teal, gold/bronze/copper etc) as well as acrylics and most definitely my latest fascination (aside from embossing) paint pens. Tech Also, I have a Dell Chromebook 11 that we can't find the right charger for.. I'd love to be able to hook up my console to it to play movies for my son as well as good usb android charging cables for our phones. Thank you! If anyone has an old/unused light table or mobile drawing surface (not clipboards, more like a travel/hard lap surface) it would be super useful seeing as we always seem to be mobile as of late. On the subject of mobility.. (although probably a long shot) my family and I are looking for a reliable means of transportation, a car, truck, or more preferably an rv/mobile home. My last car was impounded due to bad registration and quickly became too costly to reclaim. Now my truck (which is on its last leg even after attepting to fix the engine for some time now) is likely to fall under the same fate. It is becoming more of a problem than an aid to our situation especially with the colder weather and housing market/crisis as it is.. If you think you may be in a position to help out and would like to know more, id be glad to share though it's not much different than most I suppose.. I hope to hear from you and thank you for reading! ❤ Kayla xoxo Offer: kids toys (Castro Valley) - Various kids toys, were moving and will be putting out more things. Please take them :)