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Offer: Double bed metal (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - I have a metal black double bed it need a few fixing where the mattress goes on I try order some this week Available from next week Collection only will be flat packed Offer: Chest of draws (Exeter EX2) Gifted - Beech think it is a study 4 draw chest of draws it got a bid mark and bit rough finish collection only
Photo of free Chest of draws (Exeter EX2)
Photo of free Chest of draws (Exeter EX2)
Offer: Chair (Exeter EX2) Gifted - Chair does not get used needs doing but is comfortable though
Photo of free Chair (Exeter EX2)
Request: Craft items (Exeter EX2) - Any craft items wanted can collect but does depend how much you got and if not please deliver thanks Offer: Quafast push along mower (Exeter EX2) Gifted - I have a manual push along mower helps with exercise It handles.meed fitting to mower easy fix to someone Offer: Bike trailer (Exeter EX2) Gifted - This is exactly the same item but different the fabric on the trailor is ripped and it got scratches and bit rust but not really right for what I need it for Collect is first come serve it not ideally for heavy loads if will come the bit to put on your bike And I will not flatpack it so need a big car or van ideally
Photo of free Bike trailer (Exeter EX2)
Request: Fabric scraps (Exeter EX2) Received - I would like any fabric scraps please Offer: Mini 4 shelf greenhouse (Exeter EX2) Gifted - I have a mini 4 shelf greenhouse It does require a new plastic covering very cheap to replace The shelving in s all ok the better is bit rusty otherwise is ok condition if have use for it before goes tip when it settles so hold till then Offer: Metal greenhouse frame 6x4 (Exeter EX2) Gifted - It is flat packed not got all screws so will need to get some no plastic due storm Denise breaking them roof available A corner does need soldering At my allotment If make use of it Let me know Probably get repurposed some how Request: 6x4 greenhouse frame (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - Metal greenhouse frame it probably need soldering on a corner I not all the screws so will need new ones they very cheap online though This is a metal one that takes plastic panels and plastic roof Maybe use for something else ect Offer: Rechargeable screwdriver and charger (Exeter EX2) Gifted - Rechargeable screwdriver and charger No screw bits sorry
Photo of free Rechargeable screwdriver and charger (Exeter EX2)
Offer: Cordless 18V b&q strimmer with battery's and charger (Exeter EX2) Gifted - I have a b&Q cordless strimmer with 2 battery's and charger Offer: Bag of handheld trimmer / hedge trimmer (Exeter EX2) Gifted - Hi got a bag of cordless trimmer including battery's and chargers Offer: Petrol lawnmower (Exeter EX2) Gifted - I have a petrol lawnmower at my allotment I can't get it going it may quick fix to someone or know what they doing I decided to get ride Comes with petrol No photo due at allotment Offer: Petrol strimmer (Exeter EX2) Gifted - Petrol strimmer with instructions Just lose quick fix with petrol This at my allotment So no photos Request: Garden posts (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - I after some garden posts if anyone has any got any spare and if possible to deliver thanks Request: Old newspapers (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - Old newspapers please Offer: 6x4 greenhouse frame only (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - Due storm Dennis the plastic has become damaged so I got a metal for greenhouse so if interested in this no photos due being at my allotment collection only it all dismantled already and got screws and roof plastic only Request: Pallet wood (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - Hi it a want please wood pallet if possible please can you deliver thanks Offer: Double divan bed base (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - Double bed divan bed base comes apart I rather went before Christmas please otherwise I will to tip but still in good nick Request: Hard garden brush (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - I looking for a hard garden brush Thanks Request: Metal old style coat hooks (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - I wondered if anyone had any spare old style coat hooks I can have for my craft projects thanks Request: Portable workbench (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - I after a workbench if possible thanks Request: Microwave (Exeter EX2) Withdrawn - Hi wondering if anyone has a working microwave that have as mine not working properly and broken And cant afford one at moment Be much appreciated Request: Shed pipe for waterbutt (Exeter EX2) Received - Waterbuttt pipe for shed