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Request: Due in 3 weeks (Katy, TX) Expired - Hey, everyone. I’m due in 3 weeks (boy) and I’m in desperate need of a few things. If anyone was looking to donate these items I could really use them. Thank you so much. Baby socks Baby hats Baby hand mittens Baby swaddles Breast feeding bra (XL) Baby swing Rocking chair (for nursing) Diaper bag Nursing support pillow Pack and play Thanks in advance Request: Mother In Need (Katy, TX) Received - Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone had any of these items they were looking to donate. I'm in desperate need of these items and I would really appreciate it. I'm need a toddler bed set for a boy. Two coat hangers one to use for towels and the other for coats. A shoe rack Boy shoes both size 5 Youth and 8 toddler Winter clothing for boys size 14/16 & 24 months Any toys for age range 2 years & 7 years old. My son has a twin bed frame and he needs a matress for it. I'm also in need of a matress it does not matter what size. 4 chairs for a dining table A baby swing Crib bedding for a boy Any baby items or baby toys will be appreciated I'm due in march. Thank you. Request: Mommy in need (Katy, TX) Received - Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any of these items they are willing to part with I am in desperate need. What I need is a matress for me, a twin matress for my oldest son. A toddler bed for my 2 year old. A shoe rack (any size just to have somewhere to organize our shoes), a towel holder, a 5 point harness Carseat that is not expired for my 2 year old, toys and baby swing and baby items for a boy I am due in march. Any help is very much appreciate. Thank you! Request: Mother in search of (Katy, TX) Expired - 2t winter clothing/shoes for boy, winter clothing for boy size 14/16 (husky) pants and size 10/12 shirts. Size 7.5 toddler boy shoes & size 4 boy shoes. Front facing Carseat for 40-100 (toddler) Any baby boy items/maternity clothes (L) Christmas tree.