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Free: Kitchen Door Hinges (KA12) Expired - Large box of Kitchen Door Hinges some new and some second hand
Photo of free Kitchen Door Hinges (KA12)
Free: Cupboard Door Handles (KA12) Expired - Box of various cupboard door handles
Photo of free Cupboard Door Handles (KA12)
Free: Allen Keys (KA12) Expired - Box of Allen keys surplus to requirements
Photo of free Allen Keys (KA12)
Free: Glass Shelves (KA12) Expired - Glass shelves 2x straight about 600mm long and one corner one complete with fittings
Photo of free Glass Shelves (KA12)
Free: Curtain track fittings (KA12) Expired - Large bag of curtain track fittings from different makes
Photo of free Curtain track fittings (KA12)
Free: Damp Proof Course (KA12) Expired - 2 x half rolls of damp proof course size 100mm
Photo of free Damp Proof Course (KA12)
Free: Trowel Mastic (KA12) Expired - Unopened tub been around for awhile but should still be usable
Photo of free Trowel Mastic (KA12)
Free: Damp Membrane Fixing Plugs (KA12) Expired - For size see photo over half the 100 still in box
Photo of free Damp Membrane Fixing Plugs (KA12)
Free: Wall Brackets (KA12) Expired - Ideal for gardening tools Length 40 cms
Photo of free Wall Brackets (KA12)
Free: Plumbing Fittings (KA12) Expired - Tub of plumbing fittings some new some good second hand
Photo of free Plumbing Fittings (KA12)
Free: Marble Slab (KA12) Expired - Size 40 x 54 x 2 cms Ideal pastry board.
Photo of free Marble Slab (KA12)
Free: Thin flourescent tube (KA12) Expired - Size shown in photo unused but have no idea if it works
Photo of free Thin flourescent tube (KA12)
Free: Shower Mixer Head (KA12) Expired - Unknown brand Thermostatic Taken out on Bathroom update. Recessed fitting.
Photo of free Shower Mixer Head (KA12)
Photo of free Shower Mixer Head (KA12)
Free: Two coils of micro bore copper pipe (KA12) Expired - Roughly 6 meters each of 10 mm and 8 mm Been in my shed awhile but still usable.
Photo of free Two coils of micro bore copper pipe (KA12)
Free: Pair of 600 watt each live Speakers (KA12) Expired - Very large and heavy of their time were excellent Scott 3 way speakers Cabinet size 90 x 60 x40 cms Were used for a travelling cinema. 36cms Bass and 25cms Mid Based about but were still working I have nothing to power them up.
Photo of free Pair of 600 watt each live Speakers (KA12)