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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 2 glass table tops (Chiswick TW8) - 100cm DiamClear glass good condition Collect Chiswick TW89HF
Offer: Large cream linen sofa (Chiswick TW8) - Collection ASAP 210 length 90cm wide
Offer: Large white urn (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A large traditional style white urn. From oneside the chip is quite unnoticeable. Collect from Chiswick TW8 9HF week days
Offer: Lamps (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Chrome and leather lamps missing pieces by could be fixed by someone with a little know how. Collection Chiswick TW89HF week days.
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Offer: Tray legs (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A set of large and small nest round metal tray legs. No tray available. Black. Collection from Chiswick TW8 9HF week days.
Offer: 4 white kitchen chairs (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - 4x white and chrome kitchen chairs. Collection Chiswick TW8 9HF week days.
Offer: House accessories (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A collection of beautiful home accessories. Collection in Chiswick TW89HF week days.
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Offer: rattan bench (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A large brown plastic rattan outdoor bench. Collection from a Chiswick TW89HF. Weed days.
Offer: Large cream linen sofa. (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A super large linen covered sofa.With2 feather filled cushions. The cover has shrunk in the wash and doesn’t fit at the back. No feet, very clean. Collection from Chiswick TW8 9HF
Offer: 6 lengths of wood (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Wood for building DIY collection Chiswick TW8 9HF 177cm 2 x 240cm 3 x190cm
Offer: Lady art no glass (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A lovely piece of drawing of a lady. Unfortunately no glass and a little chip in the frame. Collection tomorrow morning would be amazing!
Offer: A selection of lampshades (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A selection of lamp shades, all sizes fittings and shapes. Collection during the week is best.
Offer: Large glass lamp (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A beautiful large glass lamp with a crack in the glass. Crack is steady and unitive from the other side.
Offer: Black and white art (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - No glass 47cm 79cm
Offer: Small mirror with chip (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A lovely square mirror with a small chip. 50cm by 50 cm
Offer: Accessories bundle (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A bundle of small accessories. Little black pot, orchid flower, bowl, glass dome, tea and coffee jars.
Offer: Cracked grey ceramic lamp (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Lovely grey ceramic lamp, unfortunately with a. Large chip from one sider lampshade. Could be used in the corner of a room. I have lots of lamp shades that you can choose from on collection.
Offer: Chrome floor lamp (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A lovely modern chrome floor lamp in need of a new home. The top is damaged and has come loose. I think it needs a little TLC.
Offer: Brushed brass floor lamp (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A tall brushed brass floor lamp with green tartan shade still in wrap. The top has come off where the lampshade attached but I think it could be fixed with a little TLC. In need of a lovely home.
Offer: Modern chrome lamp (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - A beautiful lamp unfortunately missing the top where the shade attaches. Need a handy helper for a new home.
Offer: Large bamboo vase (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Beautiful large bamboo vase.
Offer: 2 Oka pots (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - 2 x silver painted Oka pots for decoration. Perfect et for flower arrangements or a stammer piece.
Offer: 3x glass orchid decorations (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - 3 pretty glassball hanging decorations. Perfect for Christmas. The water is slightly yellowed. On long grey ribbon.
Offer: 6 x topiary balls on chain (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - 6 x topiary fake balls in chains. Perfect for Christmas.
Offer: Large glass blown lamp (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Beautiful large glass blown lamp.working but had a crack m. The glass is very solid so holds firmly together.
Offer: Fake flowers (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Beautiful plastic flowers in a glass case. Water slightly yellow and missing a few flowers.
Offer: Ceramic copper star decoration (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - 2 x pretty copper stars perfect for Christmas or children’s decorations. Small hairline crack in one but a lovely set for the festive season.
Offer: Large urn pot (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Farther large urn pot vase. Unfortunately with a chip to one side. Cream and distressed style. If you turn it around you faint notice the chip.
Offer: Faux orchid plant (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Beautiful large fake orchid. Yellow and missing a flower or two. In need of a loving home.
Offer: Small cushion set with fillers (Chiswick TW8) Gifted - Hello, I have two leathergrey cushions. With feather fillers. One side leather one side hessian. One has a slight wear in the corner.