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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 2 x sets door handles (BS3) (BS3 Southville) - 2 sets of silver door handles & door mechanism. Not in perfect condition but still functional.
Offer: Cream grout (BS3) (BS3 Southville) - Tube of cream-coloured ready-mixed grout. Unopened but quite old. Tube feels very flexible though!
Offer: Coffee insect spray (BS3) (BS3 Southville) Gifted - Natural insect spray. Unopened.
Offer: Broken bathroom tiles (BS3) (BS3 Southville) Gifted - Half a dozen or so pale turquoise bathroom wall tiles. Useful for anyone undertaking a mosaic-type project.
Offer: Bubblewrap (BS3) (BS3 Southville) Gifted - Used bubblewrap. Large pieces. Clean & in good condition! Offer: Set of Observer books (BS3) (BS3 Southville) Gifted - Set of slim paperback books given away in the Observer/Guardian. Observer book of... Money; Film; Rock & Pop; Genius; Food; Invention Guardian book of English Language
Offer: Set of pine bed slats (BS3) (BS3 Southville) Gifted - Set of pine bed slats for standard double bed frame. Taped together and drilled for fixing to frame.
Offer: Windscreen wiper blades (BS3) (BS3 Southville) Gifted - Pair of windscreen wiper blades. Bought for Nissan Micra, but should also fit: Citroen Saxo; Honda Civic; Hyundai Accent, Elantra, Lantra Mk2 or Sonata; Peugeot 106; Toyota Corolla, Paseo, RAV-4, Supra; Rover 400 Mk 2 414/416; Subaru Legacy
Offer: Corrugated plastic sheets (BS3 Southville) Gifted - 2 x corrugated plastic sheets, 4mm thick, 40.5 x 59.5cm. Printed on 1 side with Chelsea Fringe promotion, but plain on other side and can be reused for e.g. mounting artwork. Qpm
Offer: Back issues of Organic Gardening (BS3 Southville) - 46 issues of Organic Gardening magazine, Sept 1999-November 2005. A bit dusty, but otherwise sound! NSw
Offer: Back issues of The Organic Way (BS3 Southville) - 54 editions of The Organic Way, magazine of Garden Organic (formerly HDRA). Winter 1999-Spring 2019
Offer: Back issues of Living Earth (BS3 Southville) - 10 editions of Living Earth, the magazine of the Soil Association. 2001-2014
Offer: Back issues of Kitchen Garden (BS3 Southville) Gifted - 29 issues of Kitchen Garden magazine, Feb 2002-July 2005.
Offer: Back issues of The Organic Way (BS3 Southville) - 46 editions of The Organic Way, magazine of Garden Organic (formerly HDRA). Sept 1999-Nov 2005