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Offer: Bamboo Shades (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Used, slightly dirty but good condition. Approximately 60" long and 31" wide.
Offer: Fireplace Screen (Friendship Heights) Gifted - 31" wide, 38" high used but good condition.
Offer: TWO Large, Low Coffee Tables (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Used but good condition. Approximately 47" square and 18" high.
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Offer: Outdoor Table and Chair (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Good condition but where table rests on frame could use cleaning/Goof-off and a new pads for the glass to rest on.
Offer: Plain White Table (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Not in great shape but good for crafts or with a tablecloth.
Offer: Table Lamps (Friendship Heights) Gifted - As pictured - a little beat up but still usable as best I know.
Offer: Random Assorted Silverware (Friendship Heights) Gifted - As pictured. Good for camp or picnics. Not a set, nothing matching.
Offer: Desk Chairs (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Nothing fancy. One with wheels, one not. Take one or both.
Offer: Small But Durable Tool Belt (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Very stiff leather.Slightly dirty but not, "broken in" from lots of use.
Offer: French Encyclopedia (2 Volumes) (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Not new (not sure of publication date) but perhaps useful to a student, researcher, or someone looking for a couple very solid volumes to use as paperweights...
Offer: Small Girl's Bike (Friendship Heights) Gifted - It is not in great shape - but it still does everything a bike needs to do. It has some rust and is clearly showing some wear but it would be a great starter. We do *not* have training wheels to go with it. The wheels have a 20" diameter (inclusive of the tires).
Offer: TWO Large, Low Coffee Tables (Palisades) Gifted - Used but good condition. Approximately 48" square (guessing, haven't measured yet)
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Offer: Small Nightstand / Drawer Unit (Palisades) Gifted - Used but decent condition.
Offer: Countertop Microwave (Palisades) Gifted - Used but is clean and works.
Offer: Large, Low Sofa (Palisades) Gifted - White with a rounded back cushion.Could work as a platform bed without the cushion.
Offer: House Plants (Palisades) Gifted - Variety of house plants - some in nice pots others in plastic planters. Offer: Firewood and Wood Shingles (Palisades) Gifted - Stumps and prior wood roof shingles that burn well. Available for pickup this weekend.
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