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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Glass bottle (Croydon CR0) - I think its a bottle for olive oil. Lid is missing
Offer: Computer swivel chair (Croydon CR0) - Nothing wrong with it, may need a bit of a clean. Need it gone asap or taking it to charity.
Offer: Wood table unfinished DIY project (Croydon CR0) Gifted - May need 2 people to carry it, it is heavy
Offer: Small fish bowl lid or stand (Croydon CR0) - If im honest the fish tank broke and i am not sure if these are for the stand or the lid but look brand new if anyone wants them
Offer: Old computer cds (Croydon CR0) - Please contact me asap, if noarrangement to collect is made by Wednesday i will throw them away.
Offer: Ornamental plate (Croydon CR0) Withdrawn - Minor mark on top. Can be seen in photo
Offer: Oil burner (Croydon CR0) Gifted - Never been used
Offer: Wireless keyboard and mouse (Croydon CR0) Gifted - I dont have the usb part
Request: Foot stall / rocking chair (Croydon CR0) - My daughter just had a baby and needs a foot stool or rocking chair to feed my grandson Offer: Coffee maker (Croydon CR0) Gifted - Old coffee maker needs a new plug, never been used and a bit dusty. Hopefully it should work
Offer: Small Vase (Croydon CR0) Gifted
Offer: Small Vase (Croydon CR0) Gifted Offer: Small Vase (Croydon CR0) Gifted
Offer: Small Vase (Croydon CR0) Gifted Offer: Double Champaign glass (Croydon CR0) Gifted - Never been used
Offer: Wall clock (Croydon CR0) Gifted - Never been used. Can put personal pics in it
Request: Foot stool (Croydon CR0) - My daughter has just had a baby and would really appreciate a foot stool she can use to feed my grandson. Request: Rescue/ plant cuttings (Croydon) - Hi, I would like to make my indoor and outdoor space into a jungle so if anyone has a plant that needs rescuing or you have any cuttings i will take them.