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Offer: Linksys 5-port Ethernet Hub (Aylestone LE2) Withdrawn - Linksys 5-port Ethernet Hub. It's been in a drawer for a good few years, but should still be fine though !
Photo of free Linksys 5-port Ethernet Hub (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: Supramax 56k Modem (Aylestone LE2) Expired - Supramax 56 kbps modem, for backup or perhaps if you are somewhere without broadband ! In perfect condition, but unused for years.
Photo of free Supramax 56k Modem (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: Netgear 5-port Ethernet Switch (Aylestone LE2) Gifted - Netgear 5-port Ethernet Switch in perfect condition.
Photo of free Netgear 5-port Ethernet Switch (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: Olycom Answering Machine (Aylestone LE2) Expired - Olycom Answering Machine. Unwanted present and unused.
Photo of free Olycom Answering Machine (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: Flyspeck personal guitar amplifier (Aylestone LE2) Gifted - An original Flyspeck personal guitar amplifier. Good condition but unsed for many years ! :)
Photo of free Flyspeck personal guitar amplifier (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: PACE portable modem (Aylestone LE2) Expired - PACE portable modem. Used to be considered the best portable modem going !. Now perhaps a museum piece. Maybe a collector of old tech might like it ?
Photo of free PACE portable modem (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: Audio Transducer (Aylestone LE2) Gifted - This is an "Audio Transducer and Radio". What that means is that it when placed on a hard surface it can be used as a speaker. Also has a basic FM radio built into it. Can be clamped onto a smooth surface such as glass et cetera as it has a suction clamp similar to those used for car SatNavs.
Photo of free Audio Transducer (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: Two Million Candlepower rechargeable lamp (Aylestone LE2) Withdrawn - A 2,000,000 Candlepower rechargeable lamp. That's bright ! It's just been gathering dust, so better rehomed to someone who'll actually use it ! UPDATE: I've been recharging it...after a long time of it lying dormant. I'll update this when I see how well it is after the recharging.... =>Well sadly that did not go well. After a couple of hours charing there was nothing, so I presumed the bulb was dead. Then I charged it for another few hours and got a rather dim response from the bulb. So...I thought to charge it overnight...then it became totally dead !! No real idea why. So....unless you consider yourselves a dab hand at fixing such things, then it's best I withdraw it. [Shame, as it was very good in its day...]. I'll leave it a little longer, then probably withdraw it. Apologies for raised hopes; I really did expect it to some out shining after the last recharge. It wlays has before, but maybe it's been just too long since the last time...
Photo of free Two Million Candlepower rechargeable lamp (Aylestone LE2)
Offer: Epson CX3600 Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Photocopier (Aylestone LE2) Gifted - A good, reliable combination printer/scanner/photocopier, complete with 2xCyan, 2xMagenta, 1xYellow and 6xBlack spare cartridges. So why am I letting it go ? Well, sadly you can't get a printer driver for it for Windows 7/8/10, but you can for Windows XP/Vista. In perfect condition. I believe that you can still use it as a scanner with a Windows 10 PC though, and you can always use it as a photocopier.