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Free: Seeds and squash plant (Southern Farmington Hills) Withdrawn - Yellow squash plant that we do not have room for. Marigold seeds and forget me not seeds Milk weed seeds and butterfly weed seeds Free: Full Length Purple dress (Southern Farmington Hills) - Worn once by mother of the groom. Delicate beading on top. Size 16 Free: many perennials (Southern Farmington Hills) - Happy to answer questions and share: Star of Persia Lily of the Valley--Pink also white Rose Campion Turtle head Lemon Bal Waterleaf Persicaria Money Plant--Silver Dollar Spiderwort Free: Perennial plants (Southern Farmington Hills) - Star of Persia Spiderwort Lemon balm Turtle head Lily of valley both pink and white Rose campion Persicaria Oat grass Silver dollar(money plant) Free: medium sized boxes, packing pillows (Southern Farmington Hills) - Clean Small and Medium sized boxes, plus packing pillows and padded envelopes(great for packing framed photos) various sizes. Free: Medicinal herb plants (Southern Farmington Hills) - Yarrow Waod Agrimony Mugwort Comfrey Feverfew Anise Hissop Free: garden prennials (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Rose campion and Star of Persia Free: small and medium sized clean boxes (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Could be used for storing or moving. Pillow packs included. Free: 4 small styrofoam coolers (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Each arrived in a box so nice and clean. Free: Padded envelopes (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - All sizes and colors. Used once but can be used again. Easy porch pick up. Free: pie pan container (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Large container that can carry a pie or any holiday dessert with or without the pie tin. See through lid snaps onto bottom. Lined with a Doilie or holiday napkins inside and it becomes a festive tray for assorted cookies--especially looks nice because of clear lid.Originally came from costco with a pumpkin pie. It is a sturdy container. I have 2. Take 1 or both.
Photo of free pie pan container (Southern Farmington Hills)
Free: Padded envelopes (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Several that came from amazon but are definitely reusable. Most large size. Free: Paint cards (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Hues of Aqua and Lavender. These cards came from Sherwin Williams. Free: Perennial seeds (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Seeds from Milkweed, money plant, . They can still be planted in the fall and or the spring if you keep them cold in paper envelopes. Easy porch pick up. Free: Sample Paint cards (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - From Sherwin Williams. all in the aqua family tones. About 3"x4". About 35 if them. Free: Garden perennials (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - We are offering: Ox eye daisy which blooms in May and is a bit smaller flower than the shasta daisy that blooms in midsummer. Rose of sharon--the mother plant is all white but some of the flowers have dark pink centers These babies are ranging in 6" to 12" tall. Obedient plant--just finishing blooming now--pretty lavender color. Free: Milkweed seeds (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - These seeds grow the milkweed plant that monarch caterpillars use to lay their eggs. We have seen the caterpillars on our milkweed so we are excited to offer the chance for more people to encourage the monarch butterfly population. Free: Perennial plants (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - These plants are easy to move and iwill bloom next summer: Persicaria Rose campion Michigan Lily bulbs
Free: 3 corks (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - From champagne bottles Free: Silver dollar plant seeds (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Also known as money plant. This perennial blooms red violet flowers in spring and then forms seed pods in August. The pods are round and flat like silver dollars and a creamy vanilla color. They can be used in Fall arrangements. I just collected the seeds from my plants and am ready to share them so you can plant them in your garden. Free: Obedient plant (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Flowers are light pink, blooms in late summer likes sun/shade Free: Lots of perennials (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Pink corn flower--Bright fushia colored flowers in early summer Black eyed susan Rose campion--bienniel that blooms bright pink flowers all summer as long as it is deadheaded Japanese anemone--blooms beautiful asian looking flower in late August and September Michigan lilies--orange upside down flower on a single stem--Different from orange daylilies Lily of the valley--shade plant that blooms in spring with lovely scented bell-shaped small white flowers. We also have a pink variety Except for the last plant, others like at least some sun. Late afternoon/evening pick up. Request: children's books (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Looking for a variety of children's book to put in our Li'l Library in front of my daughter's home. All types and reading levels welcome. Free: Money plant (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Also known as silver dollars and many times used in fall arrangements because that is when seed pods are harvested. We can give you some plants to transfer to your garden or let me know if you would like to wait til August when seed pods are ready to pick Free: lily of the valley (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - They are past blooming so it is a great time to move them from our garden to yours. We will give them away bareroot and you can have as much as you like. Free: Clean plastic water jugs (Southern Farmington Hills) Gifted - We bought purified water. These 1 gallon jugs have handles and are taller and skinnier than the typical gallon milk jug. Hoping someone has a use for them other than recycling. Free: silver dollar/money plants (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - These perennials are forming seed pods that people allow to dry naturally in the garden and use for artificial fall arrangements. Or you can plant seeds and in spring enjoy their red violet blooms. Free: metal hooks (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - 3 double, metal hooks with screws to attach to a wall, etc. Free: Fiddlehead ferns lily of valley (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Both are shade plants. They fill in nicely under the shade of a tree. Free: fiddle head ferns , lily of valley (Southern Farmington Hills) Expired - Shade loving plant that we will share bareroot so you can drop them right into your garden space. Ferns are babies of various sizes that will grow about 2 feet tall with thin branches that will spread out to look beautiful. Lily of valley ,also a shade plant, bloom a delicate white bell-shaped flower that smells lovely.