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Free: Pet Stuff-Update (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - Food, shelter boxes and litter box still here. All requests have vanished from my mail! I had one no- show. I ask her not to clutter my in box again. Please request again. Thank you all. Free: Pet Stuff (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - 29 cans Friskies cat food, 16 Turkey & Cheese, 13 Chef's Dinner. Shelter box for cat or small dog. 80 Litre tote box with lid and access hole. Some Kitty Kitter and scoop. Also a small Litter Box/ Free: Scrap Aluminum (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - Several hundred cat food cans and lids, pie plates, pop cans etc. Free: Sofa and Chair (Walkley/Russelll road) - Grey colour. A few cat scratches, otherwise fine.
Photo of free Sofa and Chair (Walkley/Russelll road)
Photo of free Sofa and Chair (Walkley/Russelll road)
Request: iMac Keyboard (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - Looking for a corded keyboard for my iMac. Free: Bread Maker (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - Black and Decker Model B2300. Needs repair, motor runs-paddles do not move. Suspect broken belt. Good for parts. Bread pan and paddles like new. Free: Observers Handbook 2022 (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - The Royal Astromical Society of Canada publication. Full of information for interested people. Request: Hearing Aids (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - Behind the ear type. Maybe someone has a pair, or one that is not in use. Maybe you don't know what to do with the old ones. I want to try them on my neighbour who will not go for a hearing test. Too proud to admit his age (78). Request: Plastic Toboggan for Kids (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - About four to five feet in length. Any colour Free: Ceiling Light Fixtures (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - Five units, one brown, two white, two gold.
Photo of free Ceiling Light Fixtures (Walkley/Russelll road)
Request: Baby Stroller (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - With wheels in good condition. Seat condition does not matter. I need wheels for a project. Free: Bubble Wrap (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - Bubble Wrap request. Thanks to all who answered. I was lucky enough to find the original box stored in garage for 14 years. Request: Bubble Wrap (Walkley/Russelll road) Received - I need some Bubble Wrap, small size preferred, but others may do. Also Amazon airbags would also be welcome. I need enough to wrap a pair of Laptop computers. Request: Power Cable (Walkley/Russelll road) Received - I need the Power Cable that comes with a Bose Wave Music System. Lost during move. Free: Cat Food (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - Large bag of Hill's Urinary cat food. My cat will not eat it, Request: Kid's Scooter (Walkley/Russelll road) Received - Looking for aluminum frame with 6 inch rubber tired wheels. Free: Lamps (Light Bulbs) (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - Various sizes and types from 60 watt to 100 watt incandescent, and energy savers. Also a few flood lights. Probably near 50 lamps in a box. Since LED lamps are now used, I have no need for these items. Free: Powermate/Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - Our Vacuum cleaner died leaving us with this excellent attachment. Powermate model # 11652752600C. The hose is with it. It will mate with most Kenmore Vacuums from our 15 year old model to the latest model of canister vacuums. Free: Five Frying Pans (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - From 8 inch to 12 inch. Two stainless steel, two Tfal non stick, one Gotham Steel non stick. All in mint condition. Why. donate? Given new set for Christmas. Free: Cookie Tins (Walkley/Russelll road) Gifted - Four large metal cookie tins in new condition. Free: Mirrorfor Bar or Man Cave (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - Attention Senators fans! 23" X 18" Mirror with Senators name and logo. Black frame. Very colourful. Request: Charger base and cable (Walkley/Russelll road) Expired - For old Doro flip phone. I need the charging device which plugs into a wall outlet with a cable that connects to the phone. This phone must be 20 years old and is probably 3G.