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Offer: VCRs (Halifax Peninsula) Gifted - Anybody interested in fixing or learning how to fix VHS VCRs? We have four to donate if you want them... Offer: 32” cathode ray television (Halifax Peninsula) Gifted - It’s one of the big clunkers - still works great though. Request: Boot for a broken ankle (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Just wondering if anyone has a boot for a broken ankle...thanks. Offer: 13 litre battery operated trash can (Halifax Peninsula) Gifted - There are two of them. Lid opens when you put your hand in front of sensor. Needs full batteries...loses ability to open when batteries get weaker but you can manually lift the lid. Stand just over 2 feet tall.
Photo of free 13 litre battery operated trash can (Halifax Peninsula)
Photo of free 13 litre battery operated trash can (Halifax Peninsula)
Request: Small terrarium or fish bow/tank (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Trying to grow some cacti and just thought they may thrive better in a terrarium or fish bowl/tank. Offer: Old newspaper clippings (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - We have newspaper clippings on 3 subjects: Wayne Gretzky Sidney Crosby Halifax Mooseheads If you would like to have them let us know. Request: 3 sided fireplace screen (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If you are getting rid of one we know a fireplace that could use one. Thanks. Offer: OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (Halifax Peninsula) Gifted - It works, but the display only shows partial numbers. If you know how to fix LCD screens you can have it. Otherwise, if you need an extra OMRON inflatable cuff, you can have it. Request: Deep freezer wire basket (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If anyone is getting rid of their big old retro chest freezer, the large deep chest freezer with the wire baskets along the top, please keep us in mind as we need a wire basket to replace one of ours that got all bent up. Just need one basket...thanks so much. Offer: Plastic bottle tops (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - Does anyone collect these for a cause? We were saving them for somebody but they no longer take them. Offer: Pop can tabs (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - We have a bag of these if someone is collecting them. Offer: Paper towel / toilet paper rolls (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - We saved a couple of bag fulls but no longer need them. If you’d like them for crafts, etc. let me know... Offer: 32” CRT flat screen TV Sony (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - It’s a beast and weighs a ton, but great picture quality. Complete with remote. If you’d like to have it it’s yours. Request: Sodastream Stream CO2 Canister (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - Would like to have a second canister for those “just in case” times. If you have a spare one you’re no longer using, would love to have it. Thanks... Offer: Fm wireless intercom (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - Set of 2 originally from radio shack. One we can hear out of and one can ring the other, but either can’t transmit from one or hear on the other. If you’re good at tinkering with fm and want them, they’re yours.
Photo of free Fm wireless intercom (Halifax Peninsula)
Photo of free Fm wireless intercom (Halifax Peninsula)
Request: Iphone (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - Looking for an iPhone (any generation) for a young student. If you have one in storage that you haven’t used in a few years, we know someone that can put it to great use. Offer: Solar lights (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - We have a bunch of solar lights to give away. All the same as the picture - white lights, approximately a foot tall. Some still charge, others will require new batteries. If you want them, let me know...
Photo of free Solar lights (Halifax Peninsula)
Offer: Garage door remote transmitters (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - Need some extra garage door opener transmitters? These four originals from Sears are up for grabs. There are code push buttons inside the remotes to move up or down so you can set to your garage door opener’s main unit code.
Photo of free Garage door remote transmitters (Halifax Peninsula)
Offer: Karaoke Machine and dance pad (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - For some reason all of a sudden it stopped transmitting sound. If you can figure out how to fix it, you can have it. You can preview it here Offer: Lilliput Lane Cottage Collectibles (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - We have several Lilliput Lane Cottages that have small chips but can be easily painted to hide the imperfections. They’re yours if you want them. Never heard of them? Here is their official website / Request: Large buckets to use as planters (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If you have any buckets the size of the Kent or Home Depot buckets, or The ice cream buckets you would find at ice cream stands, we could use a couple for our patio garden. Request: Fold-up Craft Table (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If anyone has a fold-up craft table we could put it to good use. Thank you. Request: Grocery Pull Cart (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If anyone has an extra one of those utility carts you pull behind you, we know someone who would gladly take it off your hands. Thanks in advance. Offer: BlackBerry Playbook (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - An original Blackberry Playbook complete with case and Bluetooth portable keyboard. Can be backed up on computer using existing blackberry software. It’s old...but still works.
Photo of free BlackBerry Playbook (Halifax Peninsula)
Request: Dishwasher utensil basket (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Ours is cracked and flatware keeps slipping through and getting caught. If you’re getting rid of your dishwasher we could use that part. Ours goes the depth of the dishwasher on the side. Thanks. Request: Tiny Mason Jars (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Looking for 4 oz mason jars. If you have anyextras we know someone who could use some.
Photo of Tiny Mason Jars (Halifax Peninsula)
Request: Pak n Play, booster, car seat (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Looking for a Pak n Play, booster seat and rear facing car seat in Halifax peninsula. If you have any of these kicking around we know someone who could use them. Thanks. Offer: Walker (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - We have a walker to give away to whoever may need it. Request: Case for Samsung Tablet (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - If you’ve graduated to a new tablet but still have the case for your old Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580) we know someone who could use it. Thanks. Offer: DVD / Storage shelves (Halifax Peninsula) Withdrawn - Originally designed to hold VHS movies can be used to store DVDs or whatever else you would like to store in the shelves. Glassdoor may need some tinkering in order to get it to stay closed. The unit is on wheels for ease of movement. Measures 41” high x 21” wide x 17” deep.
Photo of free DVD / Storage shelves (Halifax Peninsula)