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Request: Foldable Square Card Table (Halifax Peninsula) - If you have an old card table you’re no longer using we know of someone that could use it. Thanks. Request: Clothes Drying Rack (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - We’re looking for a clothes drying rack if you have one collecting dust…thanks very much. Request: Training wheels (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If anyone has any training wheels that no longer need training, we have a 16” bicycle that could use them to stay vertical…thanks. Request: Rhubarb transplants (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If you’re getting rid of any rhubarb plants this spring we would be happy to replant them here. Thanks. Request: Wired Apple Keyboard and Mouse (Halifax Peninsula) Received - If you have a wired keyboard or mouse for an Apple computer that you no longer use I would be happy to put it to good use. Thanks… Request: 5 point harness car seat (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Looking for car seats for a 4 and 5 year old. If you have a spare we can put to good use. Request: Polar Fleece Material (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If anyone has any leftover or surplus polar fleece material, we can make tie blankets out of it for the SPCA hospital unit. Needs to be at least 24”x36”. Thanks so much. Free: 35mm film (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - We have quite a few expired by many years 35mm film - Kirkland brand from Costco 400 ASA, however it was kept in the freezer until about a month ago. Not sure if it’s still good anymore, however if you’d like to try some, you can have them. Request: Rhubarb Plant (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If you’re digging some up would love to have them. Thanks. Request: Puddle jumpers (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Looking for a couple of puddle jumper floatation devices for two toddlers learning to swim. Thanks so much! Request: Walker (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Looking for a Walker for someone with cancer having mobility issues. If you have to give away you are a saint! Thank you (picture for illustration purposes)!
Photo of Walker (Halifax Peninsula)
Request: French press for coffee brewing (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - If you have a French press coffee brewer you no longer use we know someone who could put it to good use. Thanks a lot... Request: Tricycles (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Looking for tricycles for a 3 and 4 year old. If you have a spare, we would gladly take it. Thanks. Request: Car seat - five point harness (Halifax Peninsula) Expired - Looking for two car seats (five point harness) for two visiting toddlers (3 year and 4 year). Also booster seats for table dining. Thanks so much.