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Offer: Ikea chair (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - Last of a set of six dining room chairs. Very comfortable, good condition. Just don't lean back on the two back legs -- that's how the others bit the dust.
Photo of free Ikea chair (Mt. Pleasant DC)
Offer: two office chairs (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - Brown/gray, in good condition. Cat not included. Take one or both. Mt. Pleasant DC.
Photo of free two office chairs (Mt. Pleasant DC)
Offer: Ott Light (13W) and 18W bulb (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - This lamp belonged to a former housemate who was a photographer, very picky about light. I have never been able to figure out how to change the bulb, which is currently burned out. I bought another light bulb for it -- they are relatively easy to get, but I bought the wrong size, so I also have an 18W bulb to give away. So if you know how to change the bulb, or have the patience to figure it out, or if you need an 18W bulb, they are yours.
Photo of free Ott Light (13W) and 18W bulb (Mt. Pleasant DC)
Offer: cat items (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - This is a package of items I put together for a first time cat owner, but they never came to pick it up. All items are new or gently used and include a carrier, a scratching post, a kibble silo and a selection of cat toys. They are on my porch for pick-up at any time. If you are interested, I will send you the address. Offer: calendars!!! (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - I have been inundated with free calendars this year, from organizations such as Alley Cat Allies, the Audubon Society, and the American Public Health Association. My neighbors at 1752 Hobart St. NW in Mt. Pleasant have a Free Little Library box in front of their house, and I just put about 15 calendars there -- feel free to pick up as many as you want any time. Perfect for classrooms or homes with multiple children.