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Offer: Delta 7-spray hand-held shower head (Cap Hill/CD) Withdrawn - This shower head works great but might need a new O ring. I have the old one that comes with it. It worked great in my last two apartments but for some reason is not connecting tightly enough in my new bathroom. So it back sprays which is why I mentioned the O ring. I can also give you some pipe sealant tape which I just bought to try to help it fit. A friend ended up buying me a new one as a house-warming gift.
Photo of free Delta 7-spray hand-held shower head (Cap Hill/CD)
Request: Drain trays for plants (Cap Hill/CD) - Hi~ I need about a dozen medium drain trays for some plants I have. Do you have any you can spare? I'm near Trader Joe's on Cap Hill. Thank you in advance! Katia Offer: Window screen (Cap Hill/CD) - Never used window screen is yours for the taking. Open-- 37" across, 18" down, just under 1" deep. Closed-- 20" across
Photo of free Window screen (Cap Hill/CD)
Photo of free Window screen (Cap Hill/CD)
Request: clear plastic (Cap Hill/CD) Received - Hello-- My 30 yr old son is displaying flu-like symptoms in line with COVID-19 symptoms. I may have to move in and take care of him and the3 cats. Am thinking it would be good to hang a sheet of clear plastic over his bedroom door while I'm there so I can keep an eye on him. Would appreciate obtaining some if you have. Thank you! Request: Fitbit (Cap Hill/CD) - A friend in my Diabetes Prevention group is looking for a fit-bit. Might you have a spare one for her? She feels she will benefit greatly from that extra motivation. Thank you! Request: Carpets/rugs, all sizes (Cap Hill/CD) - Need to cover wood flooring with carpeting of all sizes. New or gently used preferred, please. Offer: Cheese! (Cap Hill/CD) (Cap Hill/CD) Gifted - I have 1 1/2 lbs of Tillamook medium cheddar cheese (exp June 2020) and 14 oz of Galbani low moisture/part skim Mozzarella cheese (exp Mar 2020) to give away. I'm at 18th/Pine. Let me know if you're interested! Offer: Chilton manual Mitsubishi 1990-2000 (Cap Hill) - Mitsubishi Galant, Mirage, and Dioamante 1990-2000 included in this Mitsubishi Chilton Repair Manual Request: A couple of badminton birdies (Cap Hill) - Hi-- I actually ordered some badminton birdies online a couple of weeks ago and now they're saying they might not get here until end of October! I should have just asked here first. Thank you! Katia . Request: Full-size ironing board (Cap Hill) - Been using a small one and it's just too awkward. Thanks! Offer: Full Mattress (Cap Hill) Gifted - Hi-- I just bought a memory foam mattress so no longer have use for my standard spring mattress. It's clean, no bugs, no stains, 8" thick, and in decent shape. It's yours, free, for the taking! Pine/18th Thanks! Offer: "Goosebumps" book collection (Cap Hill) Gifted - As a youngster, my son LOVED R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" books and now, as an adult, he would like to pass them on to someone else who would read and cherish them. Photo below. Take all.
Photo of free "Goosebumps" book collection (Cap Hill)
Request: Moving boxes (Cap Hill) - Sadly, my whole building has to move. Nine apartments. I've been here 25 years and have a lot of stuff. Need boxes. Will be putting items up for free here soon. Thanks! Request: Yoga or exercise mat (Cap Hill) - Hi-- I've recently discovered there is a free fitness class on Saturday mornings at 9am at Van Asselt community center. I'd love to give it a try. They want people to bring their own mat and when I started pricing them I thought I didn't really want to spend $20+ on a mat if the class doesn't work out for me. Anyone have one they no longer need? Appreciate it, thanks! Katia . Offer: 15 Kuerig pods, asst'd (Cap Hill) - Hi-- My son was going to throw away an assortment of Kuerig pods incl coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. I thought it would be better to offer them here. There's 15 of them. I wish I could figure out how to upload a photo so you can see what they are. Email me and I'll send you the photo. Thanks! Request: Carpet scraps (Cap Hill) - Hi-- I need between 4-6 carpet rectangles measuring @10"x6". Preferably in the Cap Hill/Central District/Mt Baker/Leschi area for easy pick up. Thank you! Request: Carpeting (Cap Hill) - Hi! We're making a couple of self-petting wall shelves for our 3 kittys that we'd like to cover w carpeting. We don't need that much at all. Just enough to cover two shelves at 10" wide x 38" long, or so. Thank you! Katia Request: Foam (Cap Hill) - Looking for some foam long enough to sleep on for an upcoming camping trip. 24" x 72" or thereabouts? Thank You! Request: Empty Coffee Can (Cap Hill) - Hi-- I need one or two empty coffee cans, 2lbs+, metal or plastic. Thanks! Request: Portable CD player (Cap Hill) - Yup, my friend, Stella, is still using CD's and needs an easy carry portable CD player. Anyone have one to spare? Thanks! . Offer: Frida Kahlo poster (Cap Hill) - Hi there-- Someone gave me a Frida Kahlo poster but, not knowing much about her, I'd like to give it to someone who is a fan of hers who will appreciate it more. It's 22" x 17" I can't seem to find a way to include a photo w my post. Sorry. Katia . Request: Carry-on suitcase (Capitol Hill) - Mod fix. Hi Freecyclists! I'm going to W. Africa for 9 weeks to study Malinke drum rhythms. So fortunate! I've been looking for carry-on luggage but wow, they are pricey. Even Ross-for-Less is asking (generally) $80.00 for theirs. Anyone have one they think they just won't need any more? Would deeply appreciate it! Thanks, Katia .