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Free: Desk chair (Eastwood G46) Expired - Black, slightly worn
Photo of free Desk chair (Eastwood G46)
Free: Core exerciser (Eastwood G46) Expired - Fitness piece for working that core
Photo of free Core exerciser (Eastwood G46)
Free: Candlestick holders (Eastwood G46) Gifted - Not sure what they're made of but they're pretty solid and would look good with a polish.
Photo of free Candlestick holders (Eastwood G46)
Free: Linn Speakers (Eastwood G46) Gifted - This is for h-fi specialists only who are prepared to look into what is required to get the best out of these (heavy) top end speakers as they will not work without enquiry. I took advice from a music equipment retailer who said: "It looks like the speakers might have been converted to "Aktiv" mode - whereby the crossovers are removed from the signal path. Very common with these speakers, though not definite from the picture. Linn would not have records to indicate whether these are Aktiv or passive. Plug your amplifier into the bass driver (not Aktiv bass) and play some music - only the bass driver should play, and it'll sound like an old MW radio. Likewise then turn the amp right down and plug directly into the tweeter. Play something very quietly and listen closely to the tweeter - if you can hear very feint high-pitched audio you can probably assume that they're passive, in which case you can either bi-wire (you'll need another run of speaker cable to each speaker) or just acquire some link plates and single wire. The link plates are no longer available from Linn or Linn retailers but you should be able to source them online. If you don't hear the above, the speakers might be Aktiv, in which case you'll need Linn amplification with Aktiv crossovers, or someone (Jim @ JSL electronics maybe) to convert them back to passive. "
Photo of free Linn Speakers (Eastwood G46)
Photo of free Linn Speakers (Eastwood G46)
Free: Suitcases (Eastwood G46) Gifted - In good condition, small marks will wipe off. Will give away all or just some, depending on what you want.
Photo of free Suitcases (Eastwood G46)
Free: Cushions (Eastwood G46) Gifted - Six black cushions, in covers.
Photo of free Cushions (Eastwood G46)
Free: Jasper Conran travel bag (Eastwood G46) Gifted - Never/almost never used.
Photo of free Jasper Conran travel bag (Eastwood G46)
Free: George Foreman grill (Eastwood G46) Gifted - Rarely used.
Photo of free George Foreman grill (Eastwood G46)
Photo of free George Foreman grill (Eastwood G46)
Free: Desk clock (Eastwood G46) Gifted - Never used desk clock, with batteries.
Photo of free Desk clock (Eastwood G46)