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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Cold container with outer box (Pinehurst) - Styrofoam cooler with matched cardboard box. Internal measurements (in): 6w x 8l x 8d
Photo of free Cold container with outer box (Pinehurst)
Free: Glass punch cups (Pinehurst) Promised - 34 glass punch cups in three styles - take all together
Photo of free Glass punch cups (Pinehurst)
Photo of free Glass punch cups (Pinehurst)
Free: old creel (Pinehurst) Promised - structurally sound, but has some cosmetic issues; one (of two) closure missing
Photo of free old creel (Pinehurst)
Photo of free old creel (Pinehurst)
Free: Duck boots, size 9 (Pinehurst) Promised - one pair duck boots men's size 9
Photo of free Duck boots, size 9 (Pinehurst)
Free: Duck boots (Pinehurst) Promised - one pair duck boots, women's size 7
Photo of free Duck boots (Pinehurst)
Free: Map of Russia (Pinehurst) Promised - Map mounted on foam core
Photo of free Map of Russia (Pinehurst)
Free: Trivial Pursuit game (Pinehurst) - Trivial Pursuit, excellent condition, some damage to box
Photo of free Trivial Pursuit game (Pinehurst)
Free: Mini-Mastermind game (Pinehurst) Gifted - Mini-Mastermind game, pocket edition, good condition
Photo of free Mini-Mastermind game (Pinehurst)
Free: Salt Scrub (Pinehurst) Gifted - DHC Pacific Rim Salt Scrub, 19.4 oz, never opened.
Photo of free Salt Scrub (Pinehurst)
Free: Hyaluronic Joint Complex (Pinehurst) Gifted - Source Naturals Hyaluronic Joint Complex with Glucosamine, Chonrdroitin, and MSM (60 tablets), never opened.
Photo of free Hyaluronic Joint Complex (Pinehurst)
Request: iPhone ear buds with audio jack (Pinehurst) Expired - Looking for old iPhone earbuds that connected to the audio jack on iPhone 4, 5, 6 Free: Unopened box of #4 coffee filters (Pinehurst) Gifted - Box of 100 unbleached #4 cone coffee filters
Photo of free Unopened box of #4 coffee filters (Pinehurst)
Free: Small jelly jars (Pinehurst) Gifted - 7 jelly jars, wide mouth, 1/2 cup; lids need replacing
Photo of free Small jelly jars (Pinehurst)
Free: Bathroom faucet (Pinehurst) Expired - Bathroom faucet, working condition, with flexible hoses.
Photo of free Bathroom faucet (Pinehurst)
Free: Two bottles of conditioner (Pinehurst) Gifted - Two bottles of conditioner, one "Ocean Breeze" and one "Rainforest Fresh".
Photo of free Two bottles of conditioner (Pinehurst)
Free: Cat bed (Pinehurst) Expired - Cat (small dog) bed, well-used but reasonable condition
Photo of free Cat bed (Pinehurst)
Free: Cat Cubes (Pinehurst) Expired - Four cat cubes, well used but still in reasonable condition
Photo of free Cat Cubes (Pinehurst)
Free: Schwinn bike (Pinehurst) Gifted - Pretty good shape but it's been sitting out in the weather for several years so it will need some TLC
Photo of free Schwinn bike (Pinehurst)
Free: 48" fluorescent bulbs (Pinehurst) Expired - Two 48" fluorescent bulbs, still in the packaging
Photo of free 48" fluorescent bulbs (Pinehurst)
Free: Ceiling light cover/lens (Pinehurst) Gifted - Older style, glass is tinted slightly orange, 17in diameter
Photo of free Ceiling light cover/lens (Pinehurst)
Free: Insulated sleeves (8) (Pinehurst) Expired - 17"x17" - suitable for holding/sending relatively flat items needing to be kept cool
Photo of free Insulated sleeves (8) (Pinehurst)
Photo of free Insulated sleeves (8) (Pinehurst)
Free: Stoneware platter (Pinehurst) Gifted - 15.25 inches diameter
Photo of free Stoneware platter (Pinehurst)
Free: Office chair (Pinehurst) Gifted - Gray, good condition
Photo of free Office chair (Pinehurst)
Photo of free Office chair (Pinehurst)
Free: Blinds (Pinehurst) Expired - Beige/tan blinds, 33"w x 31" tall
Photo of free Blinds (Pinehurst)
Free: Fluorescent light fixtures (Pinehurst) Gifted - Three (3) slim 4-ft light fixtures, with bulbs. Two are still in their original boxes (new); one has a diffuser broken at one end, but the fixture is fine.
Photo of free Fluorescent light fixtures (Pinehurst)
Free: Everbearing strawberry plants (Pinehurst) Gifted - 15-20 everbearing strawberry plants; we'll dig them up on the day of delivery
Photo of free Everbearing strawberry plants (Pinehurst)
Free: Rustic yard sign (Pinehurst) Expired - Homemade sign
Photo of free Rustic yard sign (Pinehurst)
Free: Plastic boxes with lids, ~30 (Pinehurst) Expired - Small boxes with fitted lids, group of about 30
Photo of free Plastic boxes with lids, ~30 (Pinehurst)
Free: Kitchen faucet (Pinehurst) Gifted - Kitchen faucet with hose extension. Needs cleaning, some color has faded, and the mounting plate is partially broken, but still works fine.
Photo of free Kitchen faucet (Pinehurst)
Free: Hose Stand (Pinehurst) Gifted - Black iron hose stand
Photo of free Hose Stand (Pinehurst)