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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Novel: the runaways (Rochford SS4) - Novel by Fatima Bhutto, a very good read and thought provoking
Photo of free Novel: the runaways (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Star Trek novels (Rochford SS4)
Photo of free Star Trek novels (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Gardening books (Rochford SS4) - Set of Readers Digest gardening books
Photo of free Gardening books (Rochford SS4)
Offer: 2 bags of used guinea pig bedding for compost (Rochford SS4) Gifted - My compost bins are full (I've ordered more!). If you need 'browns' for your compost this is ideal. Hopefully someone can take this for compost and help keep it out of landfill.
Photo of free 2 bags of used guinea pig bedding for compost (Rochford SS4)
Offer: 3 fairly mature rosemary plants (Rochford SS4) Gifted - I will cut them back and dig them up for you. They need to not be in my garden and I'd love to find them a good home! Offer: Honey drizzler (Rochford SS4) - Never used, unwanted gift
Photo of free Honey drizzler (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Mugs (Rochford SS4) - Promotional from Wren kitchens, never used
Photo of free Mugs (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Baby toy (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Red ball missing but this never bothered my granddaughter! Great condition otherwise.
Photo of free Baby toy (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Super natural mystery (Rochford SS4)
Photo of free Super natural mystery (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Cables (Rochford SS4) - I think these are phone extension cables. I am not sure!
Photo of free Cables (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Coffee bean grinder (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Works fine, no issues as far as I can see but not used for a long time.
Photo of free Coffee bean grinder (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Easiyo pots (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Small pots with screw tops.
Photo of free Easiyo pots (Rochford SS4)
Photo of free Easiyo pots (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Cheese board without knives (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Cheese board with fold out 'wings' which once held knives.
Photo of free Cheese board without knives (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Chamomile teabags (Rochford SS4) Gifted - About half a pack, each teabag individually sealed. Also a couple of random other flavours!
Photo of free Chamomile teabags (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Basketball hoop (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Very solid basketball hoop, no net but this could be replaced
Photo of free Basketball hoop (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Polystyrene packaging (Rochford SS4) Withdrawn - Not sure what this could be useful for but thought I'd list it and see! Quite large pieces, packaging from a microwave.
Photo of free Polystyrene packaging (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Tv aerial cables (Rochford SS4) Gifted
Photo of free Tv aerial cables (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Hair product (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Barely used
Photo of free Hair product (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Navy skirt (Rochford SS4) - Tailored skirt from Next, size 10, Navy blue. VGC, smoke free home.
Photo of free Navy skirt (Rochford SS4)
Photo of free Navy skirt (Rochford SS4)
Offer: TV (not working) (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Small TV, not working but possibly could be repaired
Photo of free TV (not working) (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Studded belt (Rochford SS4) - Small size, teen probably. Pointy metal studs and metal chain detail. Good condition.
Photo of free Studded belt (Rochford SS4)
Photo of free Studded belt (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Cooking ingredients sachets (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Various sachets of things like oil or soy sauce or seeds that we haven't used from recipe deliveries. Most do not have a BBE labelled. Offer: Anthony Horowitz books (Rochford SS4) Gifted - 8 Anthony Horowitz books. Teen spy novels.
Photo of free Anthony Horowitz books (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Tomato seedlings ready to pot on (Rochford SS4) Gifted - 12 tomato seedlings, ready go into final pot/growbags/bed. I just need to accept I can't find space for any more! 😂🍅
Photo of free Tomato seedlings ready to pot on (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Whistle (Rochford SS4) - Metal sports whistle
Photo of free Whistle (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Cap (Rochford SS4) - Virgin brand cap, adult size
Photo of free Cap (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Ethernet cables (Rochford SS4) - 6 cables, various lengths
Photo of free Ethernet cables (Rochford SS4)
Request: Ceramic plant pots (Rochford SS4) Received - Indoor or outdoor, any size I can lift, can collect Rochford or nearby Offer: Waterproof phone case (Rochford SS4) - Topeak make with clip on the back
Photo of free Waterproof phone case (Rochford SS4)
Offer: Boxes (Rochford SS4) Gifted - Boxes, good size for books and other heavy items for moving or storing
Photo of free Boxes (Rochford SS4)