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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Exercise ball chair (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - Exercise ball NOT included. I can disassemble chair frame if needed for pickup
Photo of free Exercise ball chair (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Plant stand (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - new condition
Photo of free Plant stand (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Tile top plant stands (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - Set of 2
Photo of free Tile top plant stands (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Assorted binders (Tyngsboro-East) - 1-3 inch plain binders in assorted colors. New condition Offer: Kids rollerblades (Tyngsboro-East) - Adjustable size roller skates not sure what size range. Maybe kids 1-4. Needs a new brake pad but otherwise in good (but used) condition
Photo of free Kids rollerblades (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Wooden play kitchen (Tyngsboro-East) - About 14 years old but is in very good condition
Photo of free Wooden play kitchen (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: 2 burner grill cover (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - Brand new never opened
Photo of free 2 burner grill cover (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Wood bed risers (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - Brand new never even opened
Photo of free Wood bed risers (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: 84 inch panel curtains (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - In great shape. Fully lined. 3 pairs
Photo of free 84 inch panel curtains (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Curtain rods (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - Black 32-62 inches. Set of 3
Photo of free Curtain rods (Tyngsboro-East)
Photo of free Curtain rods (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Curtain tiebacks (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - Black. Metal. 3 pairs
Photo of free Curtain tiebacks (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Stitch dog costume (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - Small-medium. I’d guess it will fit a @40 pound dog. Never used -too small for my dogs. The body of it is 19” long
Photo of free Stitch dog costume (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Grout (Tyngsboro-East) Gifted - 25 pounds Permacolor grout for floors and walls. Antique white. Unopened.
Photo of free Grout (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Door draft stopper cover (Tyngsboro-East) Withdrawn - Brand new - never used with original packaging
Photo of free Door draft stopper cover (Tyngsboro-East)
Offer: Toilet golf game (Tyngsboro-East) Withdrawn - Brand new -never used
Photo of free Toilet golf game (Tyngsboro-East)