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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Solid wood chairs 🪑 (Mt. Juliet) Expired - Needs a paint job and new seat cover. 4 chairs total. 1chair is less sturdy than the others. Great diy project and the price is right. 😉
Photo of free Solid wood chairs 🪑 (Mt. Juliet)
Offer: Heat lamp (Mt. Juliet) Expired - Definitely have 1; possibly have 2. Heat lamp for baby chicks, reptiles, etc.
Photo of free Heat lamp (Mt. Juliet)
Offer: Steel wool (Mt. Juliet) Expired - Mostly full package.
Photo of free Steel wool (Mt. Juliet)
Offer: Kitchen (Mt. Juliet) Withdrawn - Bamboo utensils x5; ceramic, microwaveable, dishwasher safe bowl with lid. Can have all or some.
Photo of free Kitchen (Mt. Juliet)
Offer: Kitchen (Mt. Juliet) Withdrawn - You can have all or some. Two ceramic serving bowls (antique white). White ceramic pie plate. Ecru serving dish with handles. Two different styles of pizza cutters. Apple slicer. Ceramic grey and antique white nesting measuring cups. White, ceramic and bamboo butter dish. Two, white, ceramic antique-looking milk bottles. A white ceramic masonjar-esque container. Most of it has been for display purposes only. Cutters and slicers in excellent condition. Message me which pieces you are interested in. No contact options available. Request: Cotton thread and/or old tshirts (Mt. Juliet) Withdrawn - Any spools of cotton thread that you have no use for. Any color. Same with tshirts. Any color, any size. Stains are fine. With Goodwill closed, unable to find old tshirts. Offer: Steel wool (Mt. Juliet) Withdrawn - Super fine grade steel wool. Not a full package but pretty close.
Photo of free Steel wool (Mt. Juliet)
Offer: shower shelving (Mt. Juliet) Withdrawn - Standing shower caddies/shelves on tension rod. Used for a few months only. 3 baskets and a bar soap holder.
Photo of free shower shelving (Mt. Juliet)
Offer: Heating lamp (Mt. Juliet) Withdrawn - Animal heating lamps. Definitely have one, I think I have two. You can have one or both. Both work, not sure how good the light bulb is any more. You can get replacement bulbs at Tractor Supply, etc.
Photo of free Heating lamp (Mt. Juliet)
Offer: Kitchen tools (Mt. Juliet) Withdrawn - Apple cutter and two different styles of pizza cutter. Great condition. Take any or all.
Photo of free Kitchen tools (Mt. Juliet)