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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Buster collar (Carlton) - Small dog, cat, rabbit buster collar
Photo of free Buster collar (Carlton)
Offer: Shopping trolley (Carlton) Gifted - It has a small hole on base but the cardboard base panel covers this
Photo of free Shopping trolley (Carlton)
Offer: Duvet (Carlton) - Clean duvet but the filling has migrated a little. Good for pet bed. Collect from carlton
Photo of free Duvet (Carlton)
Offer: Set of 3 food covers (Carlton) Gifted - Fold flat food covers. Collection from carlton
Photo of free Set of 3 food covers (Carlton)
Offer: Grey curtains (Carlton) Gifted - Eyelet top. They were in my girl's room and some paint on one, they could be shortened though as it's near hem. Each curtain measures 66 inches wide and 54" drop. Collection from Carlton Mk43
Photo of free Grey curtains (Carlton)
Offer: Smoky conditioner (Carlton) - By bleach London. Full bottle
Photo of free Smoky conditioner (Carlton)
Offer: Piercing rings (Carlton) - Belly button one never used. Nose piercing rings also
Photo of free Piercing rings (Carlton)
Offer: Pink Stuff (Carlton) - Cream cleaner, partly used
Photo of free Pink Stuff (Carlton)
Offer: Assorted ear posts (Carlton) - My daughter decided against ear stretching
Photo of free Assorted ear posts (Carlton)
Offer: Large and long cardboard tube (Carlton) Withdrawn - From carpet, useful for rabbits or crafts
Photo of free Large and long cardboard tube (Carlton)
Offer: Oil pastels (Carlton) Gifted - Assorted colors
Photo of free Oil pastels (Carlton)
Offer: Oil pastels (Carlton) Gifted - Some used, some not
Photo of free Oil pastels (Carlton)
Offer: Loreal detox mask (Carlton) - Half full
Photo of free Loreal detox mask (Carlton)
Offer: Soft pastels (Carlton) Gifted - Box of soft pastels
Photo of free Soft pastels (Carlton)
Photo of free Soft pastels (Carlton)
Offer: Oil pastels (Carlton) Gifted - Assorted colors
Photo of free Oil pastels (Carlton)
Offer: 3 hand towels (Carlton) Gifted - 3 hand towels
Photo of free 3 hand towels (Carlton)
Request: Paving slabs (Carlton) - Any unwanted slabs for a shed base please Offer: Polystyrene packaging (Carlton) Gifted - Large pieces of polystyrene packaging from washing machine etc Offer: 2 white ikea shelves (Carlton) Gifted - These are approx 1.5meters long and I will look for the brackets
Photo of free 2 white ikea shelves (Carlton)
Offer: IKEA white shelf with brackets (Carlton) Gifted - Approx 1 meter long
Photo of free IKEA white shelf with brackets (Carlton)
Offer: 2 ikea white shelves (Carlton) Gifted - 2 ekby tony ikea shelves. Approx 1meter long. No brackets, you can buy them at ikea or ebay
Photo of free 2 ikea white shelves (Carlton)
Request: wheelbarrow (Carlton) - Has anyone got a wheelbarrow they no longer need please. Thank you for reading Offer: Washing machine (Carlton) Gifted - Full working order.
Photo of free Washing machine (Carlton)
Offer: Mod Unit (Carlton) Gifted - It works but not to full power.
Photo of free Mod Unit (Carlton)
Offer: Towel hanger for door (Carlton) Gifted - Suitable for several towels
Photo of free Towel hanger for door (Carlton)
Offer: Pine mirror (Carlton) Gifted - Another pine mirror approx 2ft
Photo of free Pine mirror (Carlton)
Offer: Vacuum storage bag (Carlton) Gifted - Ideal for storing away winter clothing
Photo of free Vacuum storage bag (Carlton)
Request: Wooden curtain poles and ends (Carlton) - Looking for wooden curtain poles, supports and final ends and curtain rings or just rings or ends or supports as I have some poles that don't have any. Thank you Offer: Plastic pockets (Carlton) - For folders
Photo of free Plastic pockets (Carlton)
Offer: Clown mask (Carlton) - My daughter made this for fancy dress. It's a hobby craft one that she painted. Big enough for an adult
Photo of free Clown mask (Carlton)