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Request: German language course/dictionary (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) - Any edition of a German language course to help me review the German I learned. Offer: Hair color, Nice'neasy (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) - I have an unopened bottle of Nice'neasy permanent hair color in Medium Blonde. Offer: pinking shears (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) - pinking shears have a zig-zag pattern to finish fabric seams. Can also be used for paper crafts. Request: cork bulletin board or cork tiles (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Withdrawn - size doesn't matter. I can make it work. Offer: Drum key (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Gifted - someone recently requested a "drum key". I found one in my musical odds and ends. Offer: music awards & pins (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Gifted - These would be suitable for a teacher to award to students or to choir members. There are a few dozen pins and medals with music designs. I also have 3 guitar capos and a few tuners (pitch pipes). Easy pickup. Offer: fabrics (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Gifted - This box of fabrics consists of sizes suitable for blouses, etc. Some decorator fabrics for throw pillows, etc. Easy pickup. Offer: Hearing Aid Batteries, size 13 (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Gifted - I have an unopened pack of 48 Kirkland size 13 hearing aid batteries. Hobson & Woodridge vicinity, Woodridge, easy pickup. Request: electric hot plate or fry pan (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Expired - Either an electric hot plate or electric fry pan will help with food preparation until my new stove is delivered in March. Greatly appreciated! Offer: new Christmas cards w/envelopes (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Expired - I have a nice selection of a few dozen Christmas cards with envelopes Easy pickup, Hobson & Woodridge Dr. Offer: sansevieria plant (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Gifted - Sometimes called "snake" plant, needs little water and is very easy to care for. Nice back ground for a silk flower, e.g. poinsettia for Christmas.
Photo of free sansevieria plant (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,)
Offer: immersion water heater (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,) Gifted - This water heater was used in Europe and has various adapters.
Photo of free immersion water heater (Hobson & Woodridge Dr.,)
Offer: curb alert: ornate bedroom set, l (7900 Westview, Woodridge) Gifted - dresser and bed headboard. Also large open shelf unit Offer: Sanseveria plant (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Gifted - This plant is also know as Snake plant - - needs little care. Sturdy green leaves can be dressed up with a colorful silk flower. Offer: Italian Language Method (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Expired - The Italian Course is entitled "Ciao" complete with text book, work book and cassette tapes. Request: sewing patterns (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Expired - women's size 10 -12, especially need blouse pattern, shirt style Offer: humming bird feeder (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Gifted - four sided feeder. I disassembled one feeding station to show the cleaning procedure. Liquid feed is one part sugar to four parts water: e.g. 1 cup sugar to 4 cups sugar. Offer: bird feeder (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Gifted - excellent condition. , easy access
Photo of free bird feeder (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr)
Offer: Toaster/oven (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Gifted - Cuisinart Toaster-Oven, 16" wide, 8 " high. Working condition, but I have no need for it. Request: knitting yarn (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Received - Due to allergies, I'm requesting yarn from pet free homes. I knit hats for the home less. Offer: pair of small lamps (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Expired - The lamps are made of pink marble and are 12 inches high. Use with a standard bulb and shade. Request: shoe rack (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Received - I need a shoe rack to keep on my closet floor. Offer: face mask material (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Gifted - 3 pieces, each 2 yds. by 15 inches. elastic available if you need it. Patterns available on line Request: Kindle, e-reader (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Expired - in working condition Offer: Canon Printer/Fax (Woodridge, IL, Hobson & Wdg.Dr) Gifted - Perfect condition, complete with installation CD and information No longer needed. Offer: aloe vera plants (Woodridge, IL) Gifted - There are about 12 small plants ready for planting in a pot.