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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Box of assorted items (Hollinswood TF3) - Various things such as collectible cards, vintage items, pint glass, christening gowns etc
Photo of free Box of assorted items (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Children's fancy dress (Hollinswood TF3) - Suitable to add to a dressing up box. Various styles and sizes.
Photo of free Children's fancy dress (Hollinswood TF3)
Request: Wool blankets (Hollinswood TF3) - Looking for wool blankets to use to make early medieval clothing and bedding. Can collect anywhere in Telford. Request: Tree offcuts (Hollinswood TF3) - Looking for a few large pieces to use to sit on. Short but wide diameter would be perfect.
Photo of Tree offcuts (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Bag and box assorted items (Hollinswood TF3) Withdrawn - Various things including books, clothing, collectible cards etc.
Photo of free Bag and box assorted items (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Compost Book (Hollinswood TF3) Withdrawn - Easy to read, lots of information and tips.
Photo of free Compost Book (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Green Planet book (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Old but still relevant.
Photo of free Green Planet book (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Table (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Probably needs a sanding but has been used until today. Need it gone ASAP. Length 110cm Width 60cm Height 46cm
Photo of free Table (Hollinswood TF3)
Request: Wooden double futon (Hollinswood TF3) Withdrawn - I can collect from anywhere in Telford. Thanks. Free: Small cabinet (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Great upcycling project.
Photo of free Small cabinet (Hollinswood TF3)
Photo of free Small cabinet (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Random items (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Clothing etc Free: Random (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Mixed items. Clothing, cushions etc.
Photo of free Random (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Clothing and cushion (Hollinswood TF3) Withdrawn - 3 cushions (monster, Mr Right, Mrs Always Right), suit unsure of size, dress/jacket size 10, corset top roughly size 10/12.
Photo of free Clothing and cushion (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Sombrero and maracas (Hollinswood TF3) Withdrawn - Fancy dress.
Photo of free Sombrero and maracas (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Curtain tie backs (Hollinswood TF3) Withdrawn - Very light weight. Only used for a few weeks. New fittings with them.
Photo of free Curtain tie backs (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Vintage car magazines (Hollinswood TF3) Withdrawn - There's a comic too. Collect Sunday if possible.
Photo of free Vintage car magazines (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Ferrero Rocher empty plastic boxes (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Too good to recycle. There will be 4 but only 2 on the photo.
Photo of free Ferrero Rocher empty plastic boxes (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Suits/jackets (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - 2 burgundy trouser suits Chinese 3xl and xl (more like M and S sizes) and a grey jacket 42R.
Photo of free Suits/jackets (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Mugs, serving bowls, cups, saucers etc (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Collection ASAP as going to the tip Sunday afternoon.
Photo of free Mugs, serving bowls, cups, saucers etc (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Wedding dress - boho fairy Festival (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Bust 35 inches Waist 27 inches
Photo of free Wedding dress - boho fairy Festival (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Assorted items (Hollinswood TF3) Expired - Mugs, clothing etc
Photo of free Assorted items (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Pet bedding (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Box not included. Paper and wool style bedding.
Photo of free Pet bedding (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Clothing, costume etc (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Various items including a silk veil, new shoes, jackets etc. Collect Tuesday.
Photo of free Clothing, costume etc (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Fancy dress (Hollinswood TF3) Expired - Various bits and bobs, there might be more by the time you collect.
Photo of free Fancy dress (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Silk veil (Hollinswood TF3) Expired - Wedding veil made of silk
Photo of free Silk veil (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Kitchen items (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Scales, glass dish, etc
Photo of free Kitchen items (Hollinswood TF3)
Request: Shoe rack (Hollinswood TF3) Received - As wide as possible but not taller than about 120cm. Can collect from Telford or Shrewsbury. Thanks. Free: Samsung TV (Hollinswood TF3) Expired - 32 inch TV works. Has a remote control and power cable.
Photo of free Samsung TV (Hollinswood TF3)
Photo of free Samsung TV (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Polaroid Speakers (Hollinswood TF3) Gifted - Used with a laptop a few years ago but no longer needed.
Photo of free Polaroid Speakers (Hollinswood TF3)
Free: Pillow/cushion with case (Hollinswood TF3) Expired - I bought it to fill a wool tapestry cushion but it was too small so never used it.
Photo of free Pillow/cushion with case (Hollinswood TF3)
Photo of free Pillow/cushion with case (Hollinswood TF3)