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Offer: Laser Printer / Copier / Scanner (Coquitlam) Gifted - Prints in black ink only Model # DCP-7065DN Uses cartridges TN-420 and/or TN-450 (probably half full still). For some reason it won’t take up the paper from the paper tray anymore. Still works if you feed it the paper page by page, though. We don’t have the skills to tinker with it to try to fix it, so giving it away. Pick up is Coquitlam by Como Lake and Gatensbury
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Request: Small bookshelf (Coquitlam) - Looking for a 2 or 3 tier bookshelf - nothing too big! Please and thank you :) Offer: Yarn (Coquitlam) Gifted - My daughter bought this wool for Finger Knitting a couple years ago. She since had given it up and no longer wants it. I’m happy to pass it along to whomever wants it :)
Request: IKEA Drinking Glasses (Coquitlam) - I was given a few of these glasses over the summer when I separated from my husband and have come to really like them. IKEA doesn’t carry them anymore so I can’t even buy more if I wanted to :( The glasses have the following #’s imprinted on the bottom: Small - 12144 Large - 10288 I have 6 of the small ones but would still welcome more. I only have 2 of the large ones as the 3rd one I had broke by accident recently. I’m hoping someone on here has more of them they’d like to part with. Thanks for checking, Rita
Offer: 4 large accordion files Gifted - I used them to hold my tax info but now that it’s been over 7yrs, I shredded the contents. Accordion file boxes are in excellent condition. I only wrote my name and tax year on them in sharpie but can easily be cover with a sticker. 1 black 2 navy blue 1 royal blue (this one is plastic) Pick up is Como Lake/Gatensbury, Coquitlam Request: Food Saver Received - Does anyone have a Food Saver machine they don’t use? Kind regards, Rita Request: Bocci Ball Game Set - Does anyone have one they don’t use anymore? Kind regards, Rita Request: Electric Skillet - Does anyone have one they don’t use? I’m happy to take it off your hands :) Request: Pampered Chef brand Slap Chopper - Does anyone have one they don’t use? I used mine so much it finally needs replacing - ha ha! Will take as-seen-on-tv one if no one has the better quality one from Pampered Chef. Kind regards, Rita Offer: Plastic knives and spoons Gifted - Somehow I have accumulated quite the collection of plastic knives and spoons - LOL! Perfect for picnics, or the kids to take to school and leave your good silverware at home. Pick up is Como Lake & Gatensbury, Coquitlam Offer: Moving Boxes 📦 Gifted - I’ve got 11 good sized moving boxes left over that I don’t need. Most are Apple box sized. Pick up from Cape Horn & United Blvd, Coquitlam Request: Shelving - I pulled out a really ugly wall/tv cabinet in my new place that someone had framed in to be flush with the wall — and low and behold there was twice the depth of space in there!! Woo-hoo! Now I just need to find some wall shelving to make good use of all this extra storage space I just got!! Anyone out there have some from renovating that they don’t need anymore? Even if it’s just parts of it, let me know and I could probably use it. As you can tell from all my posts lately, I’m on a super tight budget is that it’s just me and my daughter! I really appreciate everyone that has reached out to me - thank you so much 🥰 Kind regards, Rita Request: Microwave - So while I’m packing up to move out of my house with my daughter, it seems like we won’t be able to live without a microwave after all.. If anyone has one kicking around they no longer need, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. Request: Moving Boxes 📦 - Does anyone have any this weekend? I forgot to bring a bunch home from work on Friday! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Rita Request: kitchen stuff/living room tables - Separating from my husband and my daughter and I need a few essentials... Toaster or better yet - a toaster oven Small microwave Toilet plunger Knives 🔪 Cutlery Salad spinner Living room end table Living room coffee table 4 kitchen chairs (I recently found a nice table but it didn’t come with chairs) Request: Rice Cooker Received - Does anyone have one they no longer use? I would love to give it new life :) Kind regards, Rita Offer: EUC 10 Glass Wine Bottles (750ml), no labels Gifted - Pick up is Cape Horn Ave & United Blvd, Coquitlam I acquired these last year and was going to do some crafty things with them but that never happened. They’ve been sitting in my carport ever since, so they’re a bit dusty but nothing a good wash couldn’t help to make them sparkle and shine again. They are all green and 2 are a slightly lighter color. Was thinking of painting them or putting lights in them, something along that line. If you bottle your own wine, you could even use them for that ;) Request: 12” Paving Stones - I only need 4 - does anyone have any spares? I’d even take slightly smaller ones but the dirt space I want to put them in beside my patio would perfectly fit the 12” size. Request: TV, lamp, end table, comfy chair - My dad recently entered a care home and his room is so bare :( I’d like to make it cosy for him. Looking for a small to medium TV, a comfy chair for him to sit in and watch tv or read, an end table and nice lamp as the only lighting he has in his room is the florescent lights from the ceiling. Kindest regards, Rita Offer: 2 “Ann Person” vintage swimsuit patterns Gifted - Pick up Cape Horn Ave & United Blvd, Coquitlam All sizes / Pattern tissue still intact - never cut into Pattern 1 - Caribbean Swimsuit 1323 Pattern 2 - Princess Line Tank Suits 1306 Offer: 2 sewing patterns (Cape Horn & United Blvd) Gifted - Pattern 1 - Men’s Tailcoat Pattern, circa 1795-1820 Brand new; pattern paper never cut into Size M/L Chest 38” - 44” Neck 15.5” - 16.5 Sleeve Length 33” - 34” Pattern 2 - Click & Sew 7104 Custom Classic Jackets - all sizes It’s a disc that you use with your computer. Enter in your sizes and print out a unique PDF pattern made just for you. Print onto paper that you tape together to make your pattern pieces. Offer: Fabric (Cape Horn & United Blvd) Gifted - 1 metre royal blue satin 1 metre red satin 1.5 metres navy blue sweat shirt material - it comes in a giant tube so two fold and no selvedges 2 metres seersucker (?) - it’s striped poly cotton (I used some of it to make my daughter some capris when she was 4) Offer: Girl Build-a-Bear clothes Gifted - Pick up Cape Horn Ave & United Blvd, Coquitlam Bathrobe Jogging suit 2 shirts Jeans Shorts PJ bottoms Offer: Dog Training (Pee) Pads (Cape Horn/United Blvd) Gifted - Are you house training a puppy? These will help! I have almost a brand new pack of 50 pads (23" x 24") .. Maybe only 2 or 3 used from the pack. Absorbs about 2 cups: * Leak Proof * Odor Control * Adhesive Tabs Request: Icicle lights - Are you wanting to change out your Christmas lighting this year? Perhaps you’re moving and no longer need them? Our back yard is so dark as we have no light fixtures out there, but we do have a plug and new fence that got installed over the summer. Wanted to hang some pretty icicle lights from the railing to give some much needed light out there and help deter any lurkers that may walk by. Kindest regards, Rita Request: power cord for iPhone 4 Received - Does anyone have an extra one? Our cat chewed the end and I’m afraid to use it now as it could cause a fire! Offer: fabric yardage (Cape Horn/United Blvd) Gifted - A friends mom passed away and had a bunch of fabric she didn’t know what to do with. I sorted it out and there are lots of pieces for making garments. Would really love a quick pick up as we are cleaning and purging this weekend :) Rita Offer: stacking file trays (Cape Horn/United Blvd) Gifted - I have a stack of 8 black letter size trays. All very new - hardly used. All stack on top of each other if you’d like to keep it that way, or you can separate them. Looking for a quick pick up. Offer: sewing patterns (Cape Horn / United Blvd) Gifted - Some very old, some a little more modern. They were given to me by a friend who’s mom passed away. However, I have no use for them. Probably 30 (?) patterns in the box. Must take all. Looking for a quick pick up please! Offer: Polyester Quilt Batting in Bags Gifted - 2 1/2 bags....all stuffed into a big black garbage bag. Could also be used for stuffing pillows or other crafts, as well. Looking for quick pick from Cape Horn / United Blvd, Coquitlam.