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Request: Heat gun (Britannia) - Any brand.
Photo of Heat gun (Britannia)
Request: Walking pole tip covers (Britannia) Withdrawn - I only need two black ones if someone has extra.
Photo of Walking pole tip covers (Britannia)
Request: Wood or plastic pallets (Britannia) Withdrawn - I can pick up anywhere between Nepean and Perth, including Barrhaven, Almonte and Smith's Falls.
Photo of Wood or plastic pallets (Britannia)
Request: Metal gazebo (Britannia) Received - In need of a gazebo. Minimum size 8' x 8'. Doesn't need to be pop up. Roof not required but a bonus. Can be just the frame as long as it's solid. We can come and dismantle it just about anywhere between Nepean and Perth.
Photo of Metal gazebo (Britannia)
Request: CDs (Britannia) Received - New, scratched or used. I have a use for them.
Photo of CDs (Britannia)
Request: Blender (Britannia) Expired - Looking for a blender.
Photo of Blender (Britannia)
Request: Small portable electric kettle (Britannia) Expired - Looking for a small electric kettle no bigger than 1 litre.
Photo of Small portable electric kettle (Britannia)
Request: Kitchen faucet with sprayer (Britannia) Received - Chrome. Prefer a higher nozzle. Mine broke.
Photo of Kitchen faucet with sprayer (Britannia)
Request: Carry on luggage (Britannia) Received - Hard or soft shell. Not for airplane travel so doesn't have to be in perfect condition but at least functional.
Photo of Carry on luggage (Britannia)
Request: Wine rack (Britannia) Received - Looking for a wine rack. Must be able to hold wine glasses.
Photo of Wine rack (Britannia)
Photo of Wine rack (Britannia)
Request: Men's Egyptian pharaoh costume (Britannia) Received - Planning for next year halloween. I have the female version. Looking for the male version. Even just the headpiece if anyone has a costume they no longer need.
Photo of Men's Egyptian pharaoh costume (Britannia)
Request: Small flat screen TV (Britannia) Received - Looking for a small (~20") flat screen tv with USB and HDMI capability.
Photo of Small flat screen TV (Britannia)
Request: Woman's (or man's) black vest (Britannia) Received - I am in need of a woman's vest in black. Size large preferred but medium and XL may be okay. I can probably work with a man's vest also. Thank you.
Photo of Woman's (or man's) black vest (Britannia)
Request: Foldable wagon (Britannia) Expired - Doesn't have to be perfect but needs to be foldable. Any colour. I can pick up.
Photo of Foldable wagon (Britannia)
Request: Hockey/duffle bag (Britannia) Expired - In need of a hockey or large duffle bag. Doesn't have to have wheels but a bonus. I can pick up.
Photo of Hockey/duffle bag (Britannia)
Photo of Hockey/duffle bag (Britannia)
Request: Concrete bird bath (Britannia) Expired - Looking for a concrete bird bath. My bowl part broke, so even that part would be okay. Doesn't have to be fancy, just functional. I can pick up. Thank you.
Photo of Concrete bird bath (Britannia)
Request: Shower stool (Britannia) Expired - Thank you.
Photo of Shower stool (Britannia)
Request: Bell satellite receiver (Britannia) Expired - No more than 15 years old. PVR not necessary but a bonus. Picture just for reference. Any model.
Photo of Bell satellite receiver (Britannia)
Request: Canning jar lifter (Britannia) Expired - Thank you
Photo of Canning jar lifter (Britannia)
Request: Glass pie plate (Britannia) Received - Dinner plate size or similar. To make pies in.
Photo of Glass pie plate (Britannia)
Request: Steel pergola or canopy frame (Britannia) Expired - 10' x 10' or similar size. With or without canvas cover. I can pick up.
Photo of Steel pergola or canopy frame (Britannia)
Request: Camping mat (Britannia) Received - Looking for some camping mats. Any colour or size.
Photo of Camping mat (Britannia)
Request: Water slide mat (Britannia) Expired - If you have a water slide that is old, broken or not being used, I would be interested please. Even if it's deemed unusable to slide. I just need it for a project. Thank you.
Photo of Water slide mat (Britannia)
Request: Kitchen window curtains (Britannia) Expired - White or light neutral colour.
Photo of Kitchen window curtains (Britannia)
Request: Egg crate foam mattress topper (Britannia) Received - 2 inches thick. Double or queen size. Any colour. Condition should be good but I'm not using it for a bed.
Photo of Egg crate foam mattress topper (Britannia)
Request: Desk chair mat (Britannia) Received - In need of a clear computer chair mat. Must be transparent.
Photo of Desk chair mat (Britannia)
Request: Desk chair mat (Britannia) Expired - In need of a clear computer chair mat. Must be transparent.
Photo of Desk chair mat (Britannia)
Request: Hanging fruit basket (Britannia) Expired - Any colour. Two tier or three tier.
Photo of Hanging fruit basket (Britannia)
Request: Over the toilet shelf unit (Britannia) Expired - Metal preferred as per picture. Must be sturdy since it will be used to hold jars. Open shelves, no doors. Anything similar considered but no more than a foot in depth.
Photo of Over the toilet shelf unit (Britannia)
Request: Old skis (Britannia) Received - Looking for a pair of old skis (no wax preferred) or a sled with skis on it for a project. Any type, any size.
Photo of Old skis (Britannia)
Photo of Old skis (Britannia)