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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Horseradish plants (North Greenwood) Gifted - Small but vigorous horseradish plants. I have at least 5 needing homes. Plant in a pot, not in the ground or you too will be offering horseradish starts--these came from a root that escaped out the drainage hole into the soil below. I now keep my plants in a raised pot along with daffodils, which finish blooming about the same time the horseradish leaves come up. Leaves can be eaten when small, as well as using the root. Dies back in the winter then comes back in spring, sometimes with friends. Request: 1-gallon or larger nursery pots (North Greenwood) Received - Looking for large nursery pots for a transplanting project. Thank you! Offer: Grape hyacinth plants (North Greenwood) - Grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) bulbs. The leaves are up but they're not blooming yet. Offer: iHome iH5B Clock Radio (North Greenwood) - Clock radio with a dock for an iPod so you can charge it and play from it. Probably would not work with an iPhone due to the shape of the area around the dock. Offer: 10 DVD cases (North Greenwood) - 10 vinyl DVD cases of the sort that movies come in. Offer: 2-piece Costume Ball Gown (North Greenwood) Gifted - Home-made red velvet costume ball gown. The overdress laces up the back and has a boned bodice. The underskirt has a front panel that matches the front panel of the bodice. Approximate size: Waist - 29; Bust - 35"; skirt length - 44". Underskirt waist - 26.5", length - 41.5".
Offer: Costume Ball Gown, needs zipper (North Greenwood) Gifted - Home-made costume ball gown of black and red metallic fabric. Complete except for needing a zipper up the back. Approximate size: waist - 29"; bust - 38"; skirt length - 37"
Offer: Stovetop Steam Canner (North Greenwood) Gifted - Aluminum stovetop steam canning kettle for home canning...probably. It has a shallow bottom part with a ventilated cover to set the jars on, then a tall lid that fits over it such that it looks kind of like an upside-down pot. I read mixed accounts about whether or not steam canning produced safe results and never got around to using it anyway. If you're more knowledgeable about the craft or have a different use for something like this, please take it away and put it to better use than I have! Offer: Modular Metal Mesh Shelves (North Greenwood) Gifted - Squareish metal mesh panels can be assembled into cube shelves in assorted configurations. Connectors are sturdy plastic; metal stabilizer bars go between them across the back of each cube. 4 shelves-worth. Request: Fridge Storage Jar for Fresh Herbs (North Greenwood) - Those storage jars specifically for keeping herbs like cilantro fresh while in the fridge-- I've been using a jar and plastic bag, but am wondering if those jars would do a better job. If you have one that is cluttering up your cabinets, may I have it? Offer: Conair electric hair clippers set (North Greenwood) Gifted - Conair electric clippers, with 8 trimming guards, larger brush from removing bits of clipped hair from the person and a little brush for removing the same from the clippers, 3 sectioning clips, hair scissors, 2-sided comb, oil, and oiling device.
Offer: 18" Ups-a-daisy Planter Insert (North Greenwood) - Ups-a-daisy brand planter insert. This is a sturdy plastic disc with holes in it designed to put in a large planter to make it less deep. The 18" version fits in a 20-22" planter. Offer: Caddy for 5-gallon bucket (North Greenwood) Gifted - Rugged Blue brand canvas sleeve with pockets that goes over a 5-gallon bucket (like a Bucket Boss but a different brand). Black with grey piping. Offer: Green Cashmere Sweater w/moth-holes (North Greenwood) Gifted - Emerald green 100% cashmere sweater in size women's medium. Scattered moth-holes on the sleeves; most small and mendable, but one larger one about the size of a quarter. I'm hoping there's someone out there who would like to mend it, alter it, or felt and repurpose it. Offer: Teapot w/blue&white knitted cozy (North Greenwood) Gifted - White porcelain teapot with hand-knitted puffy blue and white cozy.
Offer: Universal #2 Food Grinder (North Greenwood) Gifted - Metal hand-crank food grinder with table clamp and bread-crumber attachment.
Offer: 8 large mason jars (North Greenwood) Gifted - 8 large mason jars. All are standard-mouth rather than wide-mouth. 7 are 24-ounce; one is 20-ounce. All but one (a 24-ounce) are proper canning jars. Great for canning pickles, storing soup and dry goods, making cookie-mix-in-a-jar gifts, and as impromptu vases! Offer: 3 liters of concentrated laundry detergent (N Greenwood) Gifted - Full 3-liter jug of Legacy of Clean brand concentrated laundry detergent in (very) floral scent. Offer: Black split-sole jazz dance shoes, W9.5 (N Greenwood) Gifted - Bloch split-sole lace-up jazz dance shoes in women's 9.5. Black leather upper, black sole areas, cotton lining. Worn once indoors. Offer: Formula 409 Carpet Cleaner (N Greenwood) Gifted - Mostly-full spray bottle of Formula 409 carpet spot and stain remover. Offer: Kinder Egg/Kinder Joy toys (N Greenwood) - 19 tiny snap-together toys in capsules from Kinder Eggs and Kinder Joy. Includes some Peanuts and and Star Wars characters. Offer: 36W sun lamp bulb (N Greenwood) - 36-watt 4-pin sun lamp bulb, unused. Offer: Bag of assorted replacement light string bulbs (N Greenwood) - Bag of replacement bulbs for light strings/Christmas lights. Most are for the small bulb style but there are a few novelty shapes, like purple spheres. A variety of colors of bulb on green bases plus clear on white bases. (none fit the clear/white strings I listed) Also some fuses for light strings. Most are for 50 or 100 bulb strings. Offer: Styrofoam wig head w/paper mache face (N Greenwood) - Styrofoam wig head. I had covered the face area in a thin layer of paper mache for a (now-abandoned) project. Not as nice-looking for storing a wig or hat now, but it should be easier to paint the face area if you're doing something creative. Offer: 13 blank recordable DVDs in cake box (N Greenwood) Gifted - 13 Memorex recordable DVDs: 16X, 4.7BG, 120min. They're currently in a "cake box" that would hold about 50, but if you want just the DVDs or just the cake box that's OK too. Offer: 3 10-light light strings, clear bulbs/white cord (N Greenwood) Gifted - Three 10-light light strings with clear bulbs on white cords. 2 of them have one bulb burnt out each; on the other, all the bulbs work. Offer: Pretty paper (N Greenwood) - Chunks of pretty wrapping paper for crafting--or even for wrapping things! Some have creases. See picture of the prints in Thylacine's Freecycle. Offer: Small styrofoam coolers (N Greenwood) - Two small styrofoam coolers, like shipments of things that need refrigeration come in. I also have a cylindrical one to fit a bottle. Take any or all Offer: Nail polishes, wraps, and fake nails (N Greenwood) - Assorted colors of nail polish and partial packs of Jamberry nail wraps. See pictures in Thylacine's Freecycle for colors and patterns. Also includes bottle of cuticle oil and 2 orange sticks. Offer: Sewing pattern maternity dress Vogue 2750 (N Greenwood) - Sewing pattern Vogue 2750 for maternity dress. Pieces have been cut out but all are present, as are the instructions. Pictures in Thylacine's Freecycle.