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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Office chair (Pasadena) Gifted - Blue
Photo of free Office chair (Pasadena)
Offer: Glass bottle (Pasadena) Gifted - New
Photo of free Glass bottle (Pasadena)
Offer: Desk light (Pasadena) Gifted - Black
Photo of free Desk light (Pasadena)
Offer: Small fans (Pasadena) Gifted - With clip
Photo of free Small fans (Pasadena)
Offer: Shoe rack (Pasadena) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Shoe rack (Pasadena)
Offer: Various products (Pasadena) Expired - Includes brushes, purple hair dye, hair gel,make up remover, body scrubs
Photo of free Various products (Pasadena)
Offer: Bike (Pasadena) Gifted - Needs some work on it, some cobwebs on it. Comes with lock, reflective gear, basket and helmet Offer: Bed frame (Pasadena) Gifted - Black,good condition
Photo of free Bed frame (Pasadena)
Offer: Car, not drivable (Covina) Gifted - My brother bought this car a few years ago from a neighbor who didn’t have the title. Keys are lost too. If you can get it off the property you can have it! Will need a winch and a flat bed.
Photo of free Car, not drivable (Covina)
Photo of free Car, not drivable (Covina)
Offer: Air fresheners (Pasadena) Gifted - For car
Photo of free Air fresheners (Pasadena)
Offer: Various items (Pasadena) Gifted - Base, streamers,vase, pill case
Photo of free Various items (Pasadena)
Photo of free Various items (Pasadena)
Photo of free Various items (Pasadena)
Photo of free Various items (Pasadena)
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Offer: Corn husks (Pasadena) Gifted - Been in the cabinet for about a year.
Photo of free Corn husks (Pasadena)
Offer: Cookie and Brownie Skillets (Pasadena) Gifted - Free cookie and brownie skillets with mix.
Photo of free Cookie and Brownie Skillets (Pasadena)
Request: Tofu press (Pasadena) Expired - Requesting a tofu press, thanks! If anyone has nigari that would be helpful too. Offer: RAV 4 Headlights (Pasadena) Gifted - 2003 RAV 4 sport trim headlight housings. Unfortunately, we purchased for a car that was totaled in an accident. These have been on our garage ever since. Needs a new home! FREE of course:)
Photo of free RAV 4 Headlights (Pasadena)
Offer: Seinfeld Game (Pasadena) Gifted - Free!
Photo of free Seinfeld Game (Pasadena)
Request: Egg cartons and toilet paper rolls (Pasadena) Received - Does anyone have egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls? Needed for gardening. Also any extra pots people want to give away I would take too :) Offer: Lavender Lotions (Pasadena) Gifted - Never used! Free
Photo of free Lavender Lotions (Pasadena)
Request: Large mirror (Pasadena) Expired - Looking for a large mirror anyone doesn’t want anymore