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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: One Wood Pallet (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Regular sized wood pallet for the taking.
Photo of free One Wood Pallet (Brookeville)
Offer: Used bedding (Brookeville) Gifted - Bed full of various used bed sheets ...different sizes. One green multi comforter set shown in the left of the photo. Will donate to shelter if no takers.
Photo of free Used bedding (Brookeville)
Offer: Pair of wooden wall art decor (Brookeville) Gifted - Great to decorate with, used them for years and now ready to donate. Pick up in Brookeville today or tomorrow.
Photo of free Pair of wooden wall art decor (Brookeville)
Offer: Iron wall art (Brookeville) Gifted - Bought at a party but never actually used. Vintage looking iron wall art piece. Pick up in Brookeville, today or tomorrow.
Photo of free Iron wall art (Brookeville)
Offer: Tall pink glass vase (Brookeville) Gifted - Great centerpiece vase. Pick up in Brookeville today or tomorrow.
Photo of free Tall pink glass vase (Brookeville)
Offer: Silvertone Electric Guitar (Brookeville) Gifted - Silvertone guitar, one broken string and missing plug. Pick up in Brookeville ASAP. As is in photo.
Photo of free Silvertone Electric Guitar (Brookeville)
Request: Wood Lattice (Brookeville) Withdrawn - I would be most grateful for a piece of lattice 4 foot by 4 foot or whatever you have for my planter project. Offer: Plug in candles (Brookeville) Gifted - Holiday electric candles.
Photo of free Plug in candles (Brookeville)
Offer: Window Treatment punted on board (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Colorful kitchen window topper. It’s mounted on a board with the brackets attached.
Photo of free Window Treatment punted on board (Brookeville)
Offer: Christmas Stocking (Brookeville) Gifted - See photo
Photo of free Christmas Stocking (Brookeville)
Offer: Holiday candle (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Unused striped holiday candle
Photo of free Holiday candle (Brookeville)
Offer: Holiday ribbon (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Red and green left over ribbon.
Photo of free Holiday ribbon (Brookeville)
Offer: Fabric (Brookeville) Gifted - Left over fabric for your projects. Take all.
Photo of free Fabric (Brookeville)
Offer: Christmas cards and other cards (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Boxes of miscellaneous cards for the season and other random note cards.
Photo of free Christmas cards and other cards (Brookeville)
Offer: Round table and table cloth (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Easy to assemble ply table base and top including white table cloth. Makes for an accent table. Can put a glass top on it to dress up.
Photo of free Round table and table cloth (Brookeville)
Offer: Used king bed mattress cover (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Used king mattress cover
Photo of free Used king bed mattress cover (Brookeville)
Offer: Twin comforter and sham (Brookeville) Gifted - Used striped twin comforter and sham
Photo of free Twin comforter and sham (Brookeville)
Offer: Large Marriott Duffle (Brookeville) Gifted - Large black Marriott duffle bag
Photo of free Large Marriott Duffle (Brookeville)
Offer: Red duffle bag (Brookeville) Gifted - Used red duffle bag
Photo of free Red duffle bag (Brookeville)
Offer: US Open duffle bag (Brookeville) Gifted - US open duffel bag - hardly used
Photo of free US Open duffle bag (Brookeville)
Offer: Small sit upon (Brookeville) Gifted - Small foldable sit upon
Photo of free Small sit upon (Brookeville)
Offer: Back pack with wheels (Brookeville) Gifted - Wheeled backpack can be used for many purposes
Photo of free Back pack with wheels (Brookeville)
Offer: Military style duffle bags (Brookeville) Gifted - 2 Extra large military style duffle bags
Photo of free Military style duffle bags (Brookeville)
Offer: Purple Tab Curtains (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Purple tab curtains with tie backs
Photo of free Purple Tab Curtains (Brookeville)
Offer: Kids sleeping bag (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Kid’s sleeping bag - dark green
Photo of free Kids sleeping bag (Brookeville)
Offer: Blanket (Brookeville) Gifted - Used queen blanket - fair but usable
Photo of free Blanket (Brookeville)
Offer: King Duvet Cover (Brookeville) Gifted - Used dark green king duvet cover.
Photo of free King Duvet Cover (Brookeville)
Offer: Used Ergo Pillow (Brookeville) Withdrawn - Used Ergonomic Pillow
Photo of free Used Ergo Pillow (Brookeville)
Offer: Twin Comforter and sheets (Brookeville) Gifted - Used twin comforter and sheets - good shape
Photo of free Twin Comforter and sheets (Brookeville)
Offer: Queen Comforter (Brookeville) Gifted - Used queen comforter - good shape
Photo of free Queen Comforter (Brookeville)