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Request: Vintage / Retro Items (Lakewood) - I am finishing my basement and want to go with a funky retro / vintage look. I’m looking for a couch that somewhat matches or goes with the chair in the picture and I’m also looking for a vintage record / stereo full cabinet. Would love it if the record player works but it’s okay if it doesn’t - my boyfriend is pretty handy! I really don’t have much furniture wise for the basement yet - I am also searching for a coffee table, lamps, Knick knacks, etc. If there’s anything vintage you’re considering getting rid of please consider me! Thank you!!!!
Photo of Vintage / Retro Items (Lakewood)
Request: Vintage stuff or laminate flooring (Lakewood) Expired - Hi all! My boyfriend and I finally found a camper! It’s a 1968 and needs some work which we are excited to do. We’re wanting to keep it vintage. Wondering if anyone has any vintage kitchen items (prefer non glass items), linens, fabrics, towels, etc for this. Or if anyone has any leftover laminate flooring (need probably 100-150 sqft). We basically have nothing for the camper at this point. Any help is appreciated!!!
Photo of Vintage stuff or laminate flooring (Lakewood)
Request: Camper trailer (Lakewood) Withdrawn - My boyfriend and I are looking for a non pop up tow behind camper trailer. We are excited to do some work on something as a project together. Looking for something 20’ and under so I can tow it with my suv. If anyone has one in rough shape or knows someone who does please consider us. Everything we have found for free or super cheap goes so quickly. Thank you so much! Request: Camper or RV (Lakewood) Withdrawn - My boyfriend and I are looking for a camper or RV. We are okay with a fixer upper (assuming it’s not completely falling apart). We want to be able to go camping and on day trip and bring our dogs - this would give them a safe place to hang out in. Let me know if you have anything we can come take a look at it! Request: Stand up freezer (Lakewood) Withdrawn - Can be working or not working (I think we should be able to fix one if it’s broken). Just got diagnosed with a ton of food allergies and I am trying to meal plan and freeze meals to make life a bit easier. Thanks in advance!! Request: Women’s Mountain Bike (Lakewood) Withdrawn - Looking for a women’s mountIn bike or a small men’s mountain bike. I want my mom to be able to have a bike to use when she visits. Thank you! Request: Canoe (Lakewood) Withdrawn - Okay I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a canoe they don’t want? I remember having on as a kid and would love to get one as an adult! Offer: Christmas decorations (Lakewood) Withdrawn - No idea what all is here - the people I bought my house from left all of this.
Photo of free Christmas decorations (Lakewood)
Request: Canning supplies (Lakewood) Withdrawn - My mom is hoping to come out this summer and teach me how to can. I’m looking for canning supplies if anyone has anything. Thank you!