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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Garden box (Manningtree CO11) Withdrawn - Unused annual seed/ plant planner
Photo of free Garden box (Manningtree CO11)
Photo of free Garden box (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Decorative basket (Manningtree CO11) Withdrawn - Used, ideal for flowers, plants or anything else
Photo of free Decorative basket (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Metal plant pot (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Used, single drainage hole in centre of base.
Photo of free Metal plant pot (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Bird feeder (Manningtree CO11) Withdrawn - Unused & boxed china teacup with saucer bird feeder
Photo of free Bird feeder (Manningtree CO11)
Photo of free Bird feeder (Manningtree CO11)
Free: 4 containers - varying sizes (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Various colours, largest has chipped edge.
Photo of free 4 containers - varying sizes (Manningtree CO11)
Photo of free 4 containers - varying sizes (Manningtree CO11)
Request: Garden canes (Manningtree CO11) Withdrawn - Canes 2-3ft please for tomatoes. Thank you Free: Bathroom light & shaver point (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Wall mounted - 2 screws. Pull cord to operate light.
Photo of free Bathroom light & shaver point (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Bathroom mirror (Manningtree CO11) Gifted
Photo of free Bathroom mirror (Manningtree CO11)
Free: 2 chairs (Manningtree CO11) Expired - Wooden solid frame & removable seat pads
Photo of free 2 chairs (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Jam jars (Manningtree CO11) Expired - Used, cleaned jars for hobby or preserves
Photo of free Jam jars (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Christmas decorations (Manningtree CO11) Expired - Various hanging tree decorations
Photo of free Christmas decorations (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Coffee table (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Dark wood oval coffee table
Photo of free Coffee table (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Waste bins (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - 3 clean small bins/ baskets
Photo of free Waste bins (Manningtree CO11)
Free: 1/12th scale dolls house (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Robert Stubbs - for serious collector Roughly 4.5 feet long x 2.5 feet wide and 4.5 feet high. Separated into 3 pieces for transport Includes furniture.
Photo of free 1/12th scale dolls house (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Vase/ pot (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Light green glass
Photo of free Vase/ pot (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Patent shoes (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Black size 6, 3 inch heel
Photo of free Patent shoes (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Hair grips (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Various designs
Photo of free Hair grips (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Cupboard doors (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Off white, painted wooden doors for under a sink cupboard or similar
Photo of free Cupboard doors (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Black shoes (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Black suede, size 6
Photo of free Black shoes (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Guide book (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Mother of the Bride book
Photo of free Guide book (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Garden light (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Ornamental battery twinkle light - blue glass
Photo of free Garden light (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Keyring (Manningtree CO11) Expired - Novelty African inspired keyring, approx 17cm
Photo of free Keyring (Manningtree CO11)
Free: DVDs (Manningtree CO11) Expired - 4 x DVDs - various titles
Photo of free DVDs (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Well-being CDs (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Collection from the Daily Mail
Photo of free Well-being CDs (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Glass bottles (Manningtree CO11) Expired - Small selection of clear and coloured glass bottles
Photo of free Glass bottles (Manningtree CO11)
Free: Television (Manningtree CO11) Gifted - Small TV - free for collection
Photo of free Television (Manningtree CO11)