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Offer: My mom’s sewing kit (Carrboro) Gifted - This is the basket in which my mom kept her sewing gear, she had the classic Singer machine (long gone). This is a veritable time capsule, with multiple packs of needles, packs of hand needles (one printed with “39 cents”), spools of thread, measuring tape, homemade pin cushions, pinking shears, box of buttons. I’ve carried it from home to home and used it since she passed away decades ago. Seems like a gold mine for a frequent sewer and history buff.
Photo of free My mom’s sewing kit (Carrboro)
Offer: tools and such (Carrboro) Expired - Porter cable hose, never used, I think it’s universal for any nail gun. Power cord, roofing nails, wire, caulking gun, hand tools (they’re not pro grade but dang handy when you need them). Porch pickup fine. Come get ‘em.
Photo of free tools and such (Carrboro)
Offer: Tools, here’s what’s left (Carrboro) Expired - Scraper for shingles, linoleum (which is what I used it for and it was effortless) and I suppose old tile removal. I don’t need it anymore. Come get it.
Photo of free Tools, here’s what’s left (Carrboro)
Offer: tools (Carrboro) Gifted - Scraper for shingles, linoleum, tile. Also garden hoe
Photo of free tools (Carrboro)
Offer: Storage shelves (Carrboro) Expired - Stand-alone shelf unit, 71" high and 40" wide. Has white-coated metal shelves and brackets, and plastic liners to cover the shelf grids. A series of clips along the lower edge of the upper shelf run on a channel that can support a curtain so the entire unit can be hidden from view. Formerly in a bathroom in a small apartment, then in a storage area. Pretty good shape. Can be a porch pickup.
Photo of free Storage shelves (Carrboro)
Photo of free Storage shelves (Carrboro)
Photo of free Storage shelves (Carrboro)
Photo of free Storage shelves (Carrboro)
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Offer: Comfortable wool rug, 10' x 13' (Chapel Hill) Expired - This rug is quite durable, it has served us well and survived a girl who is now in college. At 13' x 10' it really fills a room with space on all sides for hardwoods to show. It has a bit of mild stain here and there (nothing gross, just wear and tear) but it still has lots of soft, comfortable foot-soothing left in it. The neutral color matches anywhere. Can be porch pickup - it's pretty good-sized and as wool it is a bit heavy but not unmanageable. Offer: Army of Rescued Kid Gold (Chapel Hill) Gifted - A fam in Carrboro moved and accidentally left this a bag of imagination-stirring things. Contacted them, they are in Graham now, the kids have moved on, they are not coming for them. I was a kid once and toys and blocks were my jam and I can't bear to see these things go the the landfill. So...I gave them a stirred, not shaken, ride in a mild bleach solution, double-rinsed and let them dry overnight. It's a polyglot army of Transformers, action figures and some colorful blocks (with a mesh bag) for building structures and motor skills. The non-waterproof things were wiped down with allegedly certified non-Trumpian, non-ingestible Lysol 99% germ killer. The working Minnie Mouse Candy Fan is sans candy but still works and the kaleidoscopes are classic. I did not open the can of whatever that putty thing is but after all this time it's probably safe, if not very tasty. Note: the Transformers are total Rubik's cubes of confounding transformation but I'm from last century, so I suggest gauging whether they will turn to debris or a future in engineering. First come, first served. Offer: 4-post dryer cord (Chapel Hill) Expired - From an LG, our outlet is a 3-post so we switched cords. This is 10 years old but looks brand new. At Lowes they are $20-$30 +/-. Come get it.
Photo of free 4-post dryer cord (Chapel Hill)
Offer: Matching classic desk/table lamps (Chapel Hill) Gifted - 30" high, steel with ornamentation, two shades