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Offer: Notebook Wi-Fi card (south coogee) - Hi, I have a working Atheros 2.4 GHz wif-fi card from a Toshiba notebook P750 PSAY3A-02Q001. Even if you have both 2.4 and 5 GHz wi-fi signal enabled on your internet modem 2.4 Ghz has better/wider coverage and that's why mobile phones often default to 2.4 even if you set them to 5 (allows people to walk around without being cut-off). Jim South Coogee
Photo of free Notebook Wi-Fi card (south coogee)
Request: Grasscatcher (south coogee) Expired - Hi, I rescued a Victa 2 stroke lawnmower from a clean up. I'm looking for a grasscatcher that can fit on it. regards, Jim Coogee 0411016900 Request: mower grass-catcher (south coogee) Expired - Hi I found a Victa 2 stroke mower at a local cleanup. It's missing the grass-catcher. If someone has one they don't need I will be happy to pick it up. regards, Jim Coogee 0411016900 Request: year 7 textbooks (south coogee) Expired - Hi, my son is starting year 7 this month and I'm wondering if anyone has textbooks they no longer need. He will be going to Rose Bay Secondary College and for Science they use the Jacaranda Core Science stage 4 book and for maths the Cambridge Maths Year 7 book. I'm not sure what they are using for English, Geography etc but any texts will be appreciated. regards, Jim (Coogee) Offer: computer case and video car (south coogee) Gifted - Hi, I have an empty black computer case with 2 fans - it has spaces for 3 or 4 hard drives and 3 optical drives. At the front it has 2 USB ports, a SATA port and input for microphone and headphone. It has all the internal connectors for attachment to the motherboard (fans, power switch, hard disk indicator light, reset switch, audio etc) I also have a Gigabyte video card. It has 1G of memory and can run Minecraft and Fortnite - it has 2 fans but only 1 is working - but this does not really affect operation. It's a good video card - the second fan can be fixed or replaced but that may not be necessary. It's excellent as long as you don't play super memory hungry games - Fortnite & Minecraft are OK. Please check out pictures. Jim 0411016900
Photo of free computer case and video car (south coogee)
Photo of free computer case and video car (south coogee)
Photo of free computer case and video car (south coogee)
Request: laptop (south coogee) Withdrawn - Hi, my son is going to a high school next year and the school sent us a list of requirements one of which is a laptop - no iPads, tablets or mobile phones allowed. Usually people are grateful for whatever but the school has been very specific - the laptop has to be Wi-Fi enabled (802.11 5Ghz), minimum 5 hours battery life, 256Gb storage and 8Gb of ram, with camera/microphone and minimum 13" screen - a big ask! sorry - but if anyone has a surplus laptop it will be gratefully put to use. Thanks, Jim Offer: Washing Machine - Whirlpool top loader Expired - Hi, we've had this washing machine for 8 years - still has some of the original plastic film on it - we didn't bother to peel it off when we installed it. It's a 10kg top loader. It works but sometimes stops mid-cycle and has to be restarted. If it's wanted someone will need a station wagon or a big boot - trolley might also be handy. It's outside my house. If no takers I will get Council to take it away. regards Jim South Coogee 0411016900 Offer: Washing Machine 10Kg Whirlpool top loader Expired - Hi, We had this top loader for 8 years. Huge tub. Sometimes it stops mid-cycle and needs restarting. Not sure if it needs repair. Looks in good condition even the plastic film is still on it. It's outside my house at South Coogee. If you want it you may need help and a trolley to put it in your boot. May need a station wagon or hatchback. If not taken, I will get the Council to take it. Jim 0411016900 Offer: Washing Maching - Whirlpool 10kg top loader Expired - Hi This washing machinme works but sometimes stops mid-cycle and needs the button pressed for it to continue. It's in good condition except for the occasional stopping. It's outside the front of my house in South Coogee. You may need some help and a big boot to take it away. regards Jim 0411016900 Offer: Washing Machine - Whirlpool (south coogee) Gifted - 10kg top loader - Works but occasionally stops mid-cycle - button press makes it continue cycle Request: wheelbarrow Expired - Hi I'm wondering if anyone has a wheelbarrow they no longer need. I want to use it in my backyard. Thanks Jim Coogee 0411016900 Request: lawnmower Expired - Hi My lawnmower was stolen years ago. If anyone has a two stoke or four stroke lawnmower in working order they no longer need I will gratefully receive it. regards Jim Coogee Offer: Dirt Devil bagless vaccum cleaner Expired - It needs repair or can be used for parts - it's over 2 years old and out of warranty. It has lost suction despite all filters being cleaned. Needs someone who is handy at fixing these things. regards Jim Coogee Request: Xylophone Expired - Hi, My 10 year old son needs a xylophone with 25 to 30 notes for school music practice (not quite a toy). Hopefully not a longshot. If some has one they can part with, it will be much appreciated. regards Jim Coogee Request: Xylophone Expired - Hi My 10 year old son needs a xylophone with 25 to 30 notes for school music practise (not quite a toy). Hopefully not a long shot. If someone has one they can part with, it will be gratefully received. Jim Coogee Request: wire BBQ rack Expired - Hi If someone has a wire BBQ rack I would like to have it. It's the kind where you open one side to place meat of fish inside and then close it to place on a BBQ or griller. regards Jim South Coogee 0411016900 Request: heat gun Expired - Hi I need a heat gun that is surplus to one's needs. I tried using a hair dryer but it doesn't get hot enough. regards Jim Coogee 0411016900 Offer: old computer books and texts Expired - These are old - I think some are for Windows 3. Most never used. There's even a TurboPascal programming book. Perhaps there is someone who likes historical computer books. I still keep DOS manuals as I find them handy for c prompt commands. Jim South Coogee Offer: Picnic set (cutlery and chilled wine compartment) Expired - Hi This is a small picnic bag which can hold a bottle of chilled wine. It has another section with stainless steel cutlery. I don't think it's ever been used but may come in handy for small picnics or outdoor BBQs Jim South Coogee Request: 240V to 19.5V power supply for LCD TV Expired - Hi Perhaps a long shot but my LCD TV power supply failed and I need to get another one. My notebook as a similar power supply 240V AC o 19.5V DC but the DC pin is different. The one for the TV is 6mm in diameter and has an internal pin. The TV power supply is rated 6.2 amps output. I looked on the JayCar website and on eBay but couldn't find one. I popped into Bing Lee (where I bought the TV) thinking that a big seller of TVs would have these - no luck. If by some miracle someone has one that is spare, I will be grateful to pick it up. regards Jim 0411016900 Offer: Car fault analyser ELM327 Gifted - Hi I bought this new from eBay but it didn't work for my Toyota Corolla except once. It plugs into the car computer port under the dash and gives out a Wi-Fi signal. You connect to this signal with your smartphone. Using free software downloaded onto the smartphone, it helps you locate faults and reset the engine light when it comes on. It's probably a clone version of the real ELM327. In my case I got one connection to it and saw car data like rpm etc. Perhaps the strong signal from my home Wi-Fi was jamming it. It might be suited to someone who is a car repair and electronics enthusiast. Jim South Coogee Request: Aluminium ladder Expired - Hi, I need an aluminium ladder to inspect my leaky roof. If someone has one they don't need I will be grateful, Jim Coogee 0411016900 Request: aluminium ladder Expired - Hi I need a straight aluminium ladder that extends to 4 metres so I can get to my roof gutters to clean them out. If someone has such an extendable ladder they don't need please let me know. regards Jim South Coogee 0411016900 Request: Petrol Lawn Mower Expired - Hi I'm looking for a petrol lawn mower in working order and not too hard to start. Years ago my lawnmower and whipper-snipper were stolen from my yard when the fence was demolished and being rebuilt. I've been hiring mowers from Kennards ever since which is a hassle to pick up and return every time. Hope it's not a long-shot. regards Jim South Coogee