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Offers  and  Requests
Request: PlayStation 2 Console (EX1) - Working condition please. Would be a bonus if there were dance mats and the relevant game too! Many thanks Request: ‘Highway Code’ Book (EX8) Withdrawn - Looking for a Highway Code Book (2020 edition)...for driving theory test revision Offer: DVD player (EX4) Withdrawn - Silver, Sony DVD Player
Photo of free DVD player (EX4)
Offer: Three piece nest coffee tables (EX4) Gifted - Three different sized coffee tables that can slot together for storage
Photo of free Three piece nest coffee tables (EX4)
Offer: Paper shredder (EX4) Gifted - Blue translucent paper shredder
Photo of free Paper shredder (EX4)
Offer: Small touch lamp (EX4) Gifted - Yellow lamp with touch operated switch (three light settings)
Photo of free Small touch lamp (EX4)
Offer: Bedside table with draws (EX4) Gifted - One shelf area and two draws
Photo of free Bedside table with draws (EX4)
Offer: Small bedside lamp (EX4) Gifted - White fabric shade with hanging beads. Gold stand with detailed patterns
Photo of free Small bedside lamp (EX4)
Offer: Set of four chairs (EX4) Withdrawn - Wooden dining room chairs, with green velvet style seat. Feel free to take one, some or all of them
Photo of free Set of four chairs (EX4)
Offer: Small lamp (EX4) Gifted - Small lamp with fabric white shade, metal stand with plastic gem design
Photo of free Small lamp (EX4)
Offer: Tea and Coffee pots (EX4) Gifted - Tea pot, coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl
Photo of free Tea and Coffee pots (EX4)
Offer: Chair (EX4) Gifted - Wooden seat, metal base
Photo of free Chair (EX4)
Offer: Sony Hi-Fi Stereo system/Turntable (EX4) Gifted - Includes Servo Controlled Turntable, Tape and CD player (5CD Changer), two speakers. You’re welcome to take any of the records themselves too, please ask for more details
Photo of free Sony Hi-Fi Stereo system/Turntable (EX4)
Offer: Bedside table (EX4) Withdrawn - Wooden bedside table (medium/large), on wheels with a draw
Photo of free Bedside table (EX4)
Offer: Vintage style tea cups and saucers (EX4) Withdrawn - A range available. You’re welcome to one, a few or all of them. Please let me know if you’d like further photos
Photo of free Vintage style tea cups and saucers (EX4)
Offer: Hand blender (EX4) Gifted - White hand blender with measuring cup
Photo of free Hand blender (EX4)
Offer: Wooden Telephone Table (EX4) Withdrawn - With small draw and lower shelf
Photo of free Wooden Telephone Table (EX4)
Offer: Thai cushion (EX4) Withdrawn - Handmade traditional Thai cushion. Fuchsia pink, purple, lime green and white threaded patterns
Photo of free Thai cushion (EX4)
Offer: Camyad Ironing Board (EX4) Gifted - Vintage/retro ironing board. Dark cream and red. Sleeve attachment
Photo of free Camyad Ironing Board (EX4)
Offer: Wooden coffee table (EX4) Gifted - Medium sized, light brown
Photo of free Wooden coffee table (EX4)
Offer: Black floor lamp (EX4) Gifted - Black metal tall floor lamp with foot press switch
Photo of free Black floor lamp (EX4)
Offer: Small table ironing board (EX4) Gifted - Iron also available if needed!
Photo of free Small table ironing board (EX4)
Offer: DVD Player (EX4) Gifted - Sony, with remote control
Photo of free DVD Player (EX4)
Offer: Burgundy Red Lamp (EX4) Withdrawn - Table lamp - burgundy with gold
Photo of free Burgundy Red Lamp (EX4)
Offer: Ganesh Metal Ornament (EX4) Withdrawn - Silver coloured ornament of Ganesh
Photo of free Ganesh Metal Ornament (EX4)
Offer: Portable Fan Heater (EX4) Gifted - Medium sized fan heater with turn setting
Photo of free Portable Fan Heater (EX4)
Offer: Handmade Thai Cushions (EX4) Gifted - Round cushions (set of two). Orange with gold threaded design.
Photo of free Handmade Thai Cushions (EX4)
Offer: ‘Antique’ style lamp (EX4) Withdrawn - Good stand with detailed patterns, white/cream shade with lace style trim
Photo of free ‘Antique’ style lamp (EX4)
Offer: Thai candles on wooden stands (EX4) Gifted - One silver candle on silver wooden display stand. One gold candle on brown wooden display stand. Feel free to take one or both. Other items from Thailand also available, please ask if interested
Photo of free Thai candles on wooden stands (EX4)
Offer: Wooden Ornamental Vases (EX4) Gifted - Set of two available
Photo of free Wooden Ornamental Vases (EX4)