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Free: Basque (Diss IP22) - This pretty basque was going to be binned. It has a broken zip & don’t think it’s ever been worn. Would anyone like to replace zip or upcycle it in some way?
Photo of free Basque (Diss IP22)
Free: Single air bed (Diss IP22) - Only used once by kids for camping. Condition unknown. Maybe in need of repair?
Photo of free Single air bed (Diss IP22)
Free: Bicycle panniers (Diss IP22) Expired - Needs a bit of repair where fabric has rubbed on wheel. Bit of gaffer tape might solve it. Still serviceable. Zips all ok.
Photo of free Bicycle panniers (Diss IP22)
Photo of free Bicycle panniers (Diss IP22)
Free: Body board (Diss IP22) Expired - Been in the shed a long time but should still work! Free: Old pine door (Diss IP22) Gifted - 68” x 251/2 x 1”
Photo of free Old pine door (Diss IP22)
Free: Deck chair (Diss IP22) Expired - Needs new bit of dowelling & canvas
Photo of free Deck chair (Diss IP22)
Free: Plant supports (Diss IP22) Gifted - Bit faded but will still do the job if you have tall-growing plants in need of support
Photo of free Plant supports (Diss IP22)
Free: Heated towel rail (Diss IP22) Gifted - Plug-in electric towel rail
Photo of free Heated towel rail (Diss IP22)
Free: Piece of roofing felt. (Diss IP22) Gifted - 1m wide, length unknown
Photo of free Piece of roofing felt. (Diss IP22)
Request: Binoculars (Diss IP22) Expired - My family has just moved to the North Norfolk coast & would love some binoculars if anyone has some to spare. Thank you for reading Free: Curtain (Diss IP22) Gifted - Really thick lined & interlined curtain 74” long but with some additional fabric so you can make it longer as I’ve done here to make a door curtain
Photo of free Curtain (Diss IP22)
Photo of free Curtain (Diss IP22)
Free: Pond (East Runton NR27) Expired - Raised Pond about 6’ x 30” inc waterfall. Inc pipe work. Dismantle & collect from Cromer
Photo of free Pond (East Runton NR27)
Free: Curtains (Diss IP22) Gifted - Lined & inter-lined heavy winter curtains. 2 x 45” long 36” wide 1 x 64”. “. 30”. “ Will require strong track or well fixed pole Little worn on some edges
Photo of free Curtains (Diss IP22)
Free: Broken plate (Diss IP22) Gifted - Lovely old plate that exploded with a loud bang during last year’s heat wave. Can anyone use it for mosaics etc?
Photo of free Broken plate (Diss IP22)
Request: Apple phone charger (Diss IP22) Expired - Plastic coating cracked after 7 years of wear, the bit that slots into socket is 6mm wide. Don’t want to waste the earth’s resources buying a new one if someone has one lying around.
Photo of Apple phone charger (Diss IP22)
Free: Cycle helmet (Diss IP22) Expired - Blue & silver size X/XL Rider never been involved in crash/collision
Photo of free Cycle helmet (Diss IP22)
Request: Set of balls for boulle or petanque (Diss IP22) Expired - The sort of outdoor bowling you see in French villages usually done whilst holding a glass of wine. Would be grateful if someone has a set lying around not being used Free: I Black plastic bins (Diss IP22) Gifted - One has small crack that can be fixed with gaffer tape. Other is perfect. For animal feed etc?
Photo of free I Black plastic bins (Diss IP22)
Free: 2 x 3 person tents (Diss IP22) Gifted - Haven’t been used for a few years. Probably no longer waterproof. Maybe ok for camping on guaranteed rain-free night? Or kids could play in them? Or frame covered in netting to protect veggies? No tent pegs
Photo of free 2 x 3 person tents (Diss IP22)
Free: Plastic tray (Diss IP22) Expired - Large plastic tray, tatty & mended with gaffer tape but still holds water. Useful in the garden - maybe for grouping pots & planters for easy watering? Free: Staples (Diss IP22) Expired - 2 boxes of staples 26/6
Photo of free Staples (Diss IP22)
Free: Bodyboards (Diss IP22) Gifted - Bodyboards looking for 2 children & a long hot summer
Photo of free Bodyboards (Diss IP22)
Free: Garden chairs (Diss IP22) Gifted - Cushions a bit scuffed but plenty of lazing around left in them.
Photo of free Garden chairs (Diss IP22)
Request: Electric cooker or portable hob or ring (Diss IP22) Received - Family struggling on minimum wage & rising costs are having to do all their cooking in the oven since their hob broke. Does anyone have spare cooker or portable hob they can use until they get sorted please? Free: Chest of drawers (Diss IP22) Gifted - 8 long + 2 small drawers. 2 drawers need attention as they have suffered at the hands of a robust teenager trying to cram too much stuff in!
Photo of free Chest of drawers (Diss IP22)
Request: Stair gate (Diss IP22) Expired - To stop boisterous puppy bounding up & down stairs following spaying surgery on Friday. Many thanks Free: Chef’s white tunics (Diss IP22) Expired - These have probably been washed at 30 degrees so I’m sure their ‘whiteness’ could be improved. All large sizes I think
Photo of free Chef’s white tunics (Diss IP22)
Free: A4 ring binders (Diss IP22) Expired - 6 black hardly-used ring binders
Photo of free A4 ring binders (Diss IP22)
Free: Jam jars with lids (Diss IP22) Expired - About a dozen all different sizes Free: Men’s handkerchiefs (Diss IP22) Gifted - Pack of white cotton (unused!) handkerchiefs
Photo of free Men’s handkerchiefs (Diss IP22)