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Request: Printer (West bloomington) - Hi! Were looking for a regular working printer for home office use. Let me know what you have! Request: Vacuum sealer (West bloomington) Expired - Does anyone have a vacuum sealer collecting dust in their garage or pantry? We could really put one to good use. Contact me! Request: Bags of leaves and straw bales (West bloomington) Expired - Hi! We've got a small farm on the west side of town and would love to be a drop off point for your bags of leaves and straw bales from decorations and what not. Help us turn organic matter into food! Shoot me a message or feel free to drop off at 5797 W Leonard Springs Rd. Request: Glass door (West) Expired - Hi all! I'm looking for ideally a double paned glass storm door, but larger glass windows might work too. Im looking to build a cold frame, so the only requirement is no cracks. Request: Old Tire (West) Expired - looking for an intact old tire, it can have holes in it as long as it is a sturdy closed circle. Also still hunting for 4 cinderblocks! Located by leonard springs. Request: 16 Whole cinderblocks (West) Expired - Hi! I've been working on a couple rain harvesting systems, and the last thing I need is blocks to put the barrels on. I have 4 barrels and need 4 blocks for each one. I say "whole" because the barrels need to be stable and level. Thank you! Request: Milk crates (West) Expired - Hi all! I'm here today asking for milk crates, 13x13", to use as nesting boxes in the chicken coop we just built. Let me know if you can help, we're looking for 2 or 3!