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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Electric fire (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Rustic log effect electric fire with fan heater. 2 heat settings. . Quickly warms up a room and looks warm and cosy without the heater on.
Photo of free Electric fire (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Horse turnout rug (Newbottle DH4) - Rhinegold 6'6 turnout rug with neck. . Chest straps need repair which will cost about £10. The rug was cleaned and reproofed then worn once and torn.
Photo of free Horse turnout rug (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Lamp (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Electric lamp with Silver coloured base and cream lampshade
Photo of free Lamp (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Sugar basin (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Stainless sreel sugar basin
Photo of free Sugar basin (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Holdall (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Green luggage holdall. 1 zip is broken but bagcan be closed with the buckle. Has 2 side pockets. Brown leather trim and handle
Photo of free Holdall (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Candle holder. (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Silver coloured metal candle holder. Holds 8 tea lights .
Photo of free Candle holder. (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Christmas tree (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Pop up Christmas tree, pre decorated and with lights. 5ft high. Packs away in original box
Photo of free Christmas tree (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Magazine holder (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Grey magazine holder.
Photo of free Magazine holder (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Psychiatry magazines. (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - File of various psychiatric magazines
Photo of free Psychiatry magazines. (Newbottle DH4)
Photo of free Psychiatry magazines. (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Classics (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Set of 10 classics. Prude and predudice, wuthering hieghts, Robinson crusie etc. Quite old but readable or use as shelf supports.
Photo of free Classics (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Tailors dummy. (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Tailors dummy/manequin. Made of polystirene with black nylon cover. Free: Rug/matmaking frame (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Solid pinewood. . 1ft9 x 2ft 8.
Photo of free Rug/matmaking frame (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Mirror (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Mirror 2ftx 18 inches. 4 holes in corners for screws. Not perfect as it has a mark in the glass.
Photo of free Mirror (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Slide projector (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Do you have a load of old slides but nothing to play them on. ? Then you need this Slide projector machine. . Free: Sceen (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Floor standing screen for showing old cine films and slides on. Rolls up for storage. 4'x4' Free: Baby bouncer (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Lindam door hanging baby bouncer. Encourages coordination and standing. . Good condition
Photo of free Baby bouncer (Newbottle DH4)
Photo of free Baby bouncer (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Suitcase (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Small purple suitcase on wheels. Handy for weekends away h. 18"
Photo of free Suitcase (Newbottle DH4)
Photo of free Suitcase (Newbottle DH4)
Request: Travel cot (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Anyone got a travel cot they want rid of. It doesnt have to be immaculate as its to put hay in to use as a manger.? Free: Lava lamp (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Large floor standing lava lamp. Has a lovely red glow and the wax makes interesting shapes. In good working order when it gets a new bulb
Photo of free Lava lamp (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Swing bin (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Large Grey plastic kitchen bin. Swing top. Good condition.
Photo of free Swing bin (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Laundry basket (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Black basket with cotton material inside. Still useable with some areas of wear.
Photo of free Laundry basket (Newbottle DH4)
Photo of free Laundry basket (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Bedside lamp (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Pretty cream bedside lamp with heart motif.
Photo of free Bedside lamp (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Various materials (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Green table runner, cream and blue table cloth with matching napkins, white butterfly voile curtain.
Photo of free Various materials (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Carpet trim (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Long length 4'6 of gold coloured carpet trim . Enough to go under 2 doors.
Photo of free Carpet trim (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Shopping caddy (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Instead of carrying your heavy shopping bag, use this caddy to pull it along.
Photo of free Shopping caddy (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Mixer tap (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Brand new Grenvik mixer tap. Still boxed with all fittings. (Veg not included)
Photo of free Mixer tap (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Insulation boards (Newbottle DH4) Expired - Underfloor heating insulation boards x4. Each board is 1200x 600 Free: Vinyl flooring (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Roll of thick, good quality vinyl floor covering. Good condition. Approx 5ft x 5ft. Brown/brick colour . Free: Cladding (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - White plastic ceiling cladding . Offcuts x7 are 940mms long and one length unused is 2400mm long.
Photo of free Cladding (Newbottle DH4)
Photo of free Cladding (Newbottle DH4)
Request: Cardboard boxes (Newbottle DH4) Received - Need boxes for storage and transporting household items in house move