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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Glass Worktop protector (Newbottle DH4) - Clear toughened glass chopping board/worktop protector
Photo of free Glass Worktop protector (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Clips (Newbottle DH4) - Bag of assorted paper clips
Photo of free Clips (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Overalls. (Newbottle DH4) - Used but clean overalls size medium
Photo of free Overalls. (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Memory foam mattress (Newbottle DH4) - Single memory foam mattress topper. Good clean condition . Only used on guest bed
Photo of free Memory foam mattress (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Cream 2 seater settee and chair (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Matching cream settee and armchair. Very comfy with matching arm covers. I would consider separating the items
Photo of free Cream 2 seater settee and chair (Newbottle DH4)
Photo of free Cream 2 seater settee and chair (Newbottle DH4)
Photo of free Cream 2 seater settee and chair (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Storage / shelves (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - White storage unit 13inches by 35 inches. Has shelf inside. Could be dismantled and the wood reused
Photo of free Storage / shelves (Newbottle DH4)
Free: CD/DVD cases (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - Unused CD cases.
Photo of free CD/DVD cases (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Contijoins (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Brown and white contijoins for shelves or worktops.
Photo of free Contijoins (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Shelves (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - 2 x 10 inch x 5ft long light oak veneer shekves. 1 x 4ft long light oak shelf. . 2 x grey melamine shelves. All can be cut down for reuse
Photo of free Shelves (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Bed base (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Dunlop Double divan base. Has 4 storage drawers and is sprung. In very good, clean condition from pet and smokefree home. Also blue upholstered headboard which is detachable.
Photo of free Bed base (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Storage (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - Various storage items, shelving for different items. Would be suitable in shed or garage. Take 1 or all
Photo of free Storage (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Soldering iron and solder (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Old soldering iron but it works
Photo of free Soldering iron and solder (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Picture glass (Newbottle DH4) - Large amount of pucture glass in various sizes.
Photo of free Picture glass (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Corner display cabinet (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Dark wood colour corner display cabinet. Lower cupboard has 1 shelf and can be locked. Upper part is glazed with 2 shelves. . Good for upcycling
Photo of free Corner display cabinet (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Picture frames (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - 2 large glazed picture frames. Gold in colour
Photo of free Picture frames (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Stool (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - Beige upholstered dressing table stool.repro victorian legs
Photo of free Stool (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Shoe rack (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Blue shoe rack in good condition
Photo of free Shoe rack (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Shoe rack (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Blue shoe rack. In good condition. Didnt have time to erect it
Photo of free Shoe rack (Newbottle DH4)
Request: Step ladders (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - Wooden 4 o5 step step ladders. They dont have to be good condition or safe as theyre just to be used for display at a wedding. I can collect anytime Free: Shelving system (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - 4 light oak colour veneered shelves with 8 brackets and 2 support rails. . Good condition, used in study for books.
Photo of free Shelving system (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Double bed base (Newbottle DH4) Withdrawn - Double divan base. Good quality, sprung base with 4 drawers. Good clean condition.
Photo of free Double bed base (Newbottle DH4)
Free: plantpots (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Small plastic plantpots. More than on photograph. Also trays to put the pots in
Photo of free plantpots (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Dvd video combi (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Samsung dvd player and video player combined. (Now you have no excuse to not get my vhs videos that Im freegling )
Photo of free Dvd video combi (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Vhs video player (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Sanyo video player. ( no excuse now for not taking my videos. )
Photo of free Vhs video player (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Dvd player (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Philips DVD player
Photo of free Dvd player (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Material (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Light blue polyester cotton I think. Theres about half a roll.
Photo of free Material (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Suitcase (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Large black suitcase on wheels.
Photo of free Suitcase (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Mitre saw (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Mitre saw on wood base
Photo of free Mitre saw (Newbottle DH4)
Free: Dovetailer tool. (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Arcoy dovetailer. For furniture making
Photo of free Dovetailer tool. (Newbottle DH4)
Free: wooden chair (Newbottle DH4) Gifted - Unusual wood chair possibly oak stained dark . Comfortable with thick cushion and some surplus matching material. Quite low
Photo of free wooden chair (Newbottle DH4)