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Free: PVC (West Irondequoit) Withdrawn - Several lengths of PVC tubing. Once used for a project, but no longer needed. New condition. Inquire for more info.
Photo of free PVC (West Irondequoit)
Free: cable. I have no use for it (West Irondequoit) Withdrawn - Good / new condition. Not sure how many feet.
Photo of free cable. I have no use for it (West Irondequoit)
Free: Dehumidifier (West Irondequoit) Withdrawn - Arctic King WDP70AE7N Dehumidifier. Could not get it to stay on. Only runs for a short time then turns off. Good for repair person. Not very old and in nice shape. I even have the User Manual. Free: Molex Cable (West Irondequoit) Expired - Approx. 8 feet long. According to the internet: Multi-pin connector cable, commonly used in computer systems and electronic devices to connect various components. The specific type of connector is known as a Molex connector, which is often used to connect power to internal computer components such as hard drives, optical drives, and sometimes even fans. Has one female connector with four pins and another smaller 3-pin female connector, possibly for a fan or another small device that requires power. The 4-pin Molex connector is standard for providing power to drives, and the smaller 3-pin connector is typically for providing power to smaller devices or for connecting fans that do not require as much power. It's usually meant to plug into the power supply unit (PSU) and then into the appropriate device that requires power. Always ensure the computer is turned off and unplugged before attempting to connect or disconnect these types of cables.
Photo of free Molex Cable (West Irondequoit)
Free: Long Ethernet Cable (West Irondequoit) Expired - 55 foot long blue CAT Ethernet Cable. I have no use for this. Maybe you do?
Photo of free Long Ethernet Cable (West Irondequoit)
Free: Leaf Mulch (West Irondequoit) Expired - Shredded leaves / mulch - perfect for the garden or compost. No pets or pesticides. Free: Hose Reel (West Irondequoit) Expired - Suncast hose reel.
Photo of free Hose Reel (West Irondequoit)
Photo of free Hose Reel (West Irondequoit)
Request: Wood Fence Slats (West Irondequoit) Expired - Wood fence slats wanted to replace broken ones. I need only 2 or 3. Actual dimensions are 3.5 inches wide by 6 feet long.
Photo of Wood Fence Slats (West Irondequoit)
Photo of Wood Fence Slats (West Irondequoit)
Free: HP Printer (West Irondequoit) Expired - HP Photosmart c4640 All in One Printer. Could not get it to recognize the ink cartridges. Maybe you will have better luck. Some ink with it too.
Photo of free HP Printer (West Irondequoit)
Free: Shredded Leaves (West Irondequoit) Expired - Several bags of shredded leaves from our yard. Free of pesticides. Bags are heavy. Reply for more info, address, etc. Free: Electric Fireplace Insert (West Irondequoit) Expired - 23 inch Dimplex Air Heater. Works intermittently, then turns off. May need a new heater / blower fan. Good for parts or a DYI home repair.
Photo of free Electric Fireplace Insert (West Irondequoit)
Free: Sycamore Tree Bark (West Irondequoit) Expired - Our Sycamore trees are throwing off bark, and we have several large bags of it. Great for your fire pit! Free if you can use it.
Photo of free Sycamore Tree Bark (West Irondequoit)
Free: Plastic Wheel Covers (West Irondequoit) Expired - 3 in the box. All info shown on the box. Good to replace a lost one.
Photo of free Plastic Wheel Covers (West Irondequoit)
Photo of free Plastic Wheel Covers (West Irondequoit)
Photo of free Plastic Wheel Covers (West Irondequoit)