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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Panda (North Seattle) - Vintage set of panda bears
Photo of free Panda (North Seattle)
Free: Two pullovers (North Seattle) Gifted - Size 10-12 unisex pullovers
Photo of free Two pullovers (North Seattle)
Free: Lots of stickers (North Seattle) - Good variety of kid’s Christmas stickers Free: 25+ Christmas stickers/ seal (North Seattle) Gifted - Festive cute little stickers
Photo of free 25+ Christmas stickers/ seal (North Seattle)
Request: Pretty tea cups (North Seattle) Received - Looking for pretty floral ones. No cracks or chips. I’d love a few for when I have my tea parties with friends. Free: Ornaments (North Seattle) Gifted - Small box that have a good variety
Photo of free Ornaments (North Seattle)
Request: Vintage buttons (North Seattle) Received - Any
Photo of Vintage buttons (North Seattle)
Request: Christmas fabric (North Seattle) Received - For crafting ornaments and pillows
Photo of Christmas fabric (North Seattle)
Request: Christmas ornaments (North Seattle) Expired - Any wood, plastic, glass and vintage is fine as well. Free: Toothbrush (North Seattle) Gifted - Toddler toothbrush with a few animal flossers
Photo of free Toothbrush (North Seattle)
Free: Plate (North Seattle) Gifted - It can be hung on the wall
Photo of free Plate (North Seattle)
Free: Necklace (North Seattle) Expired - For person with slender neck
Photo of free Necklace (North Seattle)
Free: replacement bulbs (North Seattle) Gifted - New
Photo of free replacement bulbs (North Seattle)
Free: Bag of food (North Seattle) Gifted - Pkgs of Beef top ramen Dry spaghetti noodles Canned corn Noodle soup cans Cleaned out pantry and won’t use these all unexpired Free: Decor (North Seattle) Expired - Paint it or embellish it
Photo of free Decor (North Seattle)
Free: Inserts (North Seattle) Expired - Opened missing 2
Photo of free Inserts (North Seattle)
Request: Fall ribbons (North Seattle) Expired - Looking for fall and Halloween themed ribbons to use in my crafts Request: Witch hat (North Seattle) Received - Adult size
Photo of Witch hat (North Seattle)
Request: Long and smaller boxes (North Seattle) Expired - Any wooden
Photo of Long and smaller boxes (North Seattle)
Free: 4 assorted boxes (North Seattle) Expired - I repurposed the boxes. They are very lightweight perfect for a scarf or tie.
Photo of free 4 assorted boxes (North Seattle)
Free: Book (North Seattle) Expired - Good condition giftable
Photo of free Book (North Seattle)
Free: 2 new magazines (North Seattle) Gifted - Any bird lovers out there? Two new mags opened plastic to take out the subscription info
Photo of free 2 new magazines (North Seattle)
Free: Only elephant figurines (North Seattle) Gifted - Clean from a cat home
Photo of free Only elephant figurines (North Seattle)
Free: Book (North Seattle) Expired - Best pills worst pills book Full of informative references older copy Request: Craft supplies (North Seattle) Expired - Asking for: Orange felt fabric Green felt fabric White felt fabric Black felt fabric Black buttons Orange twine Black twine Any canvases to continue painting. Thanks for checking.
Photo of Craft supplies (North Seattle)
Request: Halloween decor (North Seattle) Expired - Asking for Halloween or fall themed knickknacks or decor Request: Fish bottle (North Seattle) Expired - No cracks and clean
Photo of Fish bottle (North Seattle)
Request: Ask: walking sticks (North Seattle) Expired - Looking for these when I go hiking or on terrains that aren’t flat. Request: Lunch bag (North Seattle) Expired - Looking for a clean, not stained insulated one for my son. Request: Glass pitcher (North Seattle) Expired - Looking for one no cracks or chips.
Photo of Glass pitcher (North Seattle)