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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Nightstand (North Seattle) - Good condition and drawers work properly
Photo of free Nightstand (North Seattle)
Free: Cupcake rings (North Seattle) - Christmas themed
Photo of free Cupcake rings (North Seattle)
Free: Nightstand (North Seattle) - Painted blue Two drawer Old school style Free: Bag of stuffed animal many (North Seattle) Gifted - Great condition Free: 3 new books (North Seattle) Gifted - Take all
Photo of free 3 new books (North Seattle)
Free: Assorted boxes (North Seattle) Gifted - Christmas themed
Photo of free Assorted boxes (North Seattle)
Photo of free Assorted boxes (North Seattle)
Free: Plates/saucers (North Seattle) Gifted - Mismatched
Photo of free Plates/saucers (North Seattle)
Free: Pantry clean out (North Seattle) Gifted - 2 bags dried peas Bag of quick oats Milk box Free: Panda (North Seattle) Gifted - Vintage set of panda bears
Photo of free Panda (North Seattle)
Free: Two pullovers (North Seattle) Gifted - Size 10-12 unisex pullovers
Photo of free Two pullovers (North Seattle)
Free: Lots of stickers (North Seattle) Gifted - Good variety of kid’s Christmas stickers Free: 25+ Christmas stickers/ seal (North Seattle) Gifted - Festive cute little stickers
Photo of free 25+ Christmas stickers/ seal (North Seattle)
Request: Pretty tea cups (North Seattle) Received - Looking for pretty floral ones. No cracks or chips. I’d love a few for when I have my tea parties with friends. Free: Ornaments (North Seattle) Gifted - Small box that have a good variety
Photo of free Ornaments (North Seattle)
Request: Vintage buttons (North Seattle) Received - Any
Photo of Vintage buttons (North Seattle)
Request: Christmas fabric (North Seattle) Received - For crafting ornaments and pillows
Photo of Christmas fabric (North Seattle)
Request: Christmas ornaments (North Seattle) Expired - Any wood, plastic, glass and vintage is fine as well. Free: Toothbrush (North Seattle) Gifted - Toddler toothbrush with a few animal flossers
Photo of free Toothbrush (North Seattle)
Free: Plate (North Seattle) Gifted - It can be hung on the wall
Photo of free Plate (North Seattle)
Free: Necklace (North Seattle) Expired - For person with slender neck
Photo of free Necklace (North Seattle)
Free: replacement bulbs (North Seattle) Gifted - New
Photo of free replacement bulbs (North Seattle)
Free: Bag of food (North Seattle) Gifted - Pkgs of Beef top ramen Dry spaghetti noodles Canned corn Noodle soup cans Cleaned out pantry and won’t use these all unexpired Free: Decor (North Seattle) Expired - Paint it or embellish it
Photo of free Decor (North Seattle)
Free: Inserts (North Seattle) Expired - Opened missing 2
Photo of free Inserts (North Seattle)
Request: Fall ribbons (North Seattle) Expired - Looking for fall and Halloween themed ribbons to use in my crafts Request: Witch hat (North Seattle) Received - Adult size
Photo of Witch hat (North Seattle)
Request: Long and smaller boxes (North Seattle) Expired - Any wooden
Photo of Long and smaller boxes (North Seattle)
Free: 4 assorted boxes (North Seattle) Expired - I repurposed the boxes. They are very lightweight perfect for a scarf or tie.
Photo of free 4 assorted boxes (North Seattle)
Free: Book (North Seattle) Expired - Good condition giftable
Photo of free Book (North Seattle)
Free: 2 new magazines (North Seattle) Gifted - Any bird lovers out there? Two new mags opened plastic to take out the subscription info
Photo of free 2 new magazines (North Seattle)