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Offers  and  Requests
Free: stayput for carpets and rugs (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - 2 packs of stayput to keep carpets and rugs from moving, especially with rugs on top of carpets. Also some extra pieces not in sealed packet.
Photo of free stayput for carpets and rugs (Wakefield WF1)
Free: Venetian lace (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - 2 yards (183 cm) inches of 3.5 inches (9 cm) wide of heavy coffee-coloured Venetian lace
Photo of free Venetian lace (Wakefield WF1)
Free: gold embroidered red and cream satin (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - 4.4 yards (4 metres) of striped 48 inches (122 cm) wide red and cream satin with gold embroidery
Photo of free gold embroidered red and cream satin (Wakefield WF1)
Free: gold embroidered pink satin (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - 77 inches (195 cm) of 38 inches (96 cm) wide pink satin with gold embroidered roses
Photo of free gold embroidered pink satin (Wakefield WF1)
Free: innovo pelvic floor exerciser (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - innovo 'restore the floor' pelvic floor exerciser; valued at £200 on ebay.
Photo of free innovo pelvic floor exerciser (Wakefield WF1)
Free: noticeboard (Wakefield WF1) Expired - Brown office noticeboard, 24" (61 cm) x 45.5" (116 cm).
Photo of free noticeboard (Wakefield WF1)
Free: potato cookers (Wakefield WF1) Expired - 3 padded envelopes in which to cook jacket potatoes
Photo of free potato cookers (Wakefield WF1)
Free: rice cooker (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - round metal ball with holes in which to cook things like rice, pasta, etc
Photo of free rice cooker (Wakefield WF1)
Free: exerciser (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - total body exerciser for both legs and arms
Photo of free exerciser (Wakefield WF1)
Free: strawberry pot (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - brown glazed strawberry pot
Photo of free strawberry pot (Wakefield WF1)
Free: Electronic translator (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - Franklin linguist electronic translator that works where there is no signal to use google translate on a mobile phone. Translations of 17 languages including word list, phrases and capacity to form a personal dictionary. Included is charger and booklet.
Photo of free Electronic translator (Wakefield WF1)
Free: ergonomic chair (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - ergonomic kneel-on chair for posture and back problems; wooden base with casters; slight damage to cover of lower section
Photo of free ergonomic chair (Wakefield WF1)
Free: cream woollen material (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - 2.33 metres of cream woollen material, 1.36 metres wide
Photo of free cream woollen material (Wakefield WF1)
Free: check blue woollen material (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - 1.45 metres of check blue woollen material, 90.5 cm wide
Photo of free check blue woollen material (Wakefield WF1)
Free: router (Wakefield WF1) Expired - BT router for use with a personal computer + the cables required to connect to PC
Photo of free router (Wakefield WF1)
Free: clothes steamer (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - Coopers of Stortford clothes steamer
Photo of free clothes steamer (Wakefield WF1)
Free: riding helmet (Wakefield WF1) Expired - blue riding helmet, size 6 to 7. scrape along one side, but no dents
Photo of free riding helmet (Wakefield WF1)
Free: shelf-stack (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - light-brown colour shelf stack with fixed top and bottom and five shelves that can be slotted into grooves at different heights - 27 inches (69 cm) tall; 12 inches (30.5 cm) wide; 10.5 inches (27 cm) broad
Photo of free shelf-stack (Wakefield WF1)
Free: hsower head (Wakefield WF1) Expired - shower head
Photo of free hsower head (Wakefield WF1)
Free: infrared lamp (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - Medisana infrared lamp; some of inner lining missing but still functions
Photo of free infrared lamp (Wakefield WF1)
Free: tablet/kindle-rest (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - rest for reading a tablet or kindle
Photo of free tablet/kindle-rest (Wakefield WF1)
Free: leg-support wedge (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - pillow-wedge to support and elevate legs; measurement: 11 inches (28 cm) long and 19.5 inches (49 cm) wide
Photo of free leg-support wedge (Wakefield WF1)
Free: graduated-pillow (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - pillow (with blue cover) with raised rounded section along front edge to provide support to head and neck; measurements: length 25 inches (64 cm); width 14 inches (35.5 cm); depth at back 2 inches (5 cm) and at front 4 inches (10 cm).
Photo of free graduated-pillow (Wakefield WF1)
Free: KEYS AbEx exerciser (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - KEYS AbEx exerciser plus Super 6 Workout guide
Photo of free KEYS AbEx exerciser (Wakefield WF1)
Free: drawing-board (Wakefield WF1) Expired - wooden drawing board measuring 63.5 cm by 90.5 cm (25 inches by 35.5 inches) with support on one side cm (inches deep) plus drawing film, rotring pens, which may not be working, rulers, etc
Photo of free drawing-board (Wakefield WF1)
Free: exercise-mat (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - plastic exercise mat 63 cm by 183.5 cm ( 25 inches by 72.5 inches) and bag
Photo of free exercise-mat (Wakefield WF1)
Free: car-mirror (Wakefield WF1) Expired - mirror to go over rear-vision mirror to give view in the blind corners
Photo of free car-mirror (Wakefield WF1)
Free: clothes-shaver (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - shaver to remove bobbles from woollen clothes
Photo of free clothes-shaver (Wakefield WF1)
Free: steam-inhaler (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - Steam inhaler to use to reduce effects of a cold infection. This is not an asthma inhaler.
Photo of free steam-inhaler (Wakefield WF1)
Free: drawer-dividers (Wakefield WF1) Gifted - white plastic drawer dividers. Sufficient for four drawers measuring 14.5 inches by 9 inches (35.5 cm x 23 cm) and two drawers measuring 35.5 inches by 13.5 inches (90 cm x 24 cm).
Photo of free drawer-dividers (Wakefield WF1)