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Request: Christmas decorations (Near Frankford) - Looking for a tree and some decorations. Request: Tv (Near Frankford) - Sadly looking for a tv again for my child’s room. His tv was smoking and ready to catch on fire for some reason. Request: Futon (Near Frankford) - Looking for a futon for my son. Need one very soon. Request: Futon or bunk bed (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for one of these. Need asap Request: Android phones (Near Frankford) Expired - I’m looking for 2 android phones for my sons. Request: Refrigerator (Near Frankford) Expired - Need a fridge asap. My refrigerator is not keeping cold and my food is going to go bad. Request: High chair (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for a high chair for my daughter. Request: Chameleon tank/supplies (Near Frankford) Expired - I’m looking for a set up and some supplies for a chameleon. Request: Outdoor kids toys (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for outdoor toys for kids. Request: X box controllers (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for 2 Xbox controllers. I don’t care if they’re wired. Request: Small ac unit (Near Frankford) Expired - I need a small ac for my kitchen window. Request: Enclosure for dogs (Near Frankford) Expired - A big enclosure for outside. need 2 atleast 1 Request: Grill (Near Frankford) Received - Looking for a working grill. Request: Tv (Near Frankford) Expired - My son broke his tv. I’m desperately looking for another one asap. Request: Large dog bed (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for a new or almost new large or x large dog bed. We could really use one for our dog. Request: Tv (Near Frankford) Expired - Our house got shot up and the bed room tv got hit. It was a Samsung 55in smart tv. If anyone has a tv they can give I’d appreciate it. We’re working on trying to move out of this area. Request: Baby girl swing (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for a swing for my daughter. Request: Baby swing (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for a baby swing for a girl and a bouncer activity set. Request: Wide baby gate (Near Frankford) Expired - Need a baby gate, a wide and hopefully tall one. Request: Xl dog cage (Near Frankford) Expired - Need a big cage quickly Free: New stroller (Near Frankford) Expired - New stroller just dusty from being on porch. In the clear bags cause it was never put together. Come get before trash on Friday. Infront of a broken fish tank Free: Stroller (Near Frankford) Expired - New stroller, but has been sitting in dusty porch. All parts are with it in the bags. Sitting on sidewalk of 23xx Margaret street off aramingo ave
Photo of free Stroller (Near Frankford)
Request: Tv (Near Frankford) Expired - Hi looking for a tv, my child broke the one in their room. It’d help allot Request: Wi-Fi blu ray player (Near Frankford) Expired - Hi looking for Wi-Fi blu ray player that can play Netflix and Disney for my kids. Request: Tv (Near Frankford) Expired - My sons tv just broke and searching for one. Request: Toy bin organizer (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for a toy organizer shelf and bins Request: Barbies, bratz, monster high (Near Frankford) Expired - I’m in search of for these and Polly pockets for my children. Request: Toys for 4yo girl and 3yo boy (Near Frankford) Expired - Hey I’m looking for decent shape toys for my 2 middle children, we’re low on money and they’re the ones who have nothing for Christmas so far. If anyone has toys their kids don’t play with anymore please lmk Request: Landline phone (Near Frankford) Expired - Looking for landline phone. I live near northeast Philly Request: Christmas tree lights and ornaments (Near Frankford) Expired - I live in the northeast Philly area