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Request: Terra Nova Quasar Fly sheet (Stroud GL5) - terra nova ultimate quazar fly sheet needed. My fly is ripped and has a broken gold pole. Free: Vaccum cleaner (Stroud GL5) Promised - Second hand vacuum cleaner that needs a new part to make it work really well. The new part is the hose connector onto the main body. details of the part are below and can be purchased dor less than £20 if you don't go to Miele: Please find attached a diagram with the spare parts for your appliance. The part you need must be number 51, the suction hose M-No 7330631 and the price is 38,08£ The part is available and you can order it either by contacting Miele Customer Support or by visiting this link: There are also some spare bags.
Photo of free Vaccum cleaner (Stroud GL5)
Photo of free Vaccum cleaner (Stroud GL5)
Photo of free Vaccum cleaner (Stroud GL5)
Photo of free Vaccum cleaner (Stroud GL5)
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Request: Table tennis net (Stroud GL5) Received - Table tennis nets need replacing Request: Fridge (Stroud GL5) Received - Under counter size fridge needed for a short time. Request: Shoe rack - outdoor (Stroud GL5) Expired - A shoe rack to go on a covered outside porch. Preferably wooden. Free: Door (Stroud GL5) Expired - Large wood door 84x197x3.5xm Good condition, with handle and hooks.
Photo of free Door (Stroud GL5)
Photo of free Door (Stroud GL5)
Free: Double Wardrobe (Stroud GL5) Expired - Double wardrobe - needs re-assembling.
Photo of free Double Wardrobe (Stroud GL5)
Free: Table-top pool game (Stroud GL5) Expired - Quite small and a bit dated - but functional.
Photo of free Table-top pool game (Stroud GL5)
Free: Globe (Stroud GL5) Expired - Plug in globe - not sure if bulb needs replacing.
Photo of free Globe (Stroud GL5)
Free: Torpedo Boat Balsa wood kit (Stroud GL5) Gifted - Not in great shape, but maybe of interest to somebody interested in kits.
Photo of free Torpedo Boat Balsa wood kit (Stroud GL5)
Free: Gym Ball (Stroud GL5) Gifted - Dark grey
Photo of free Gym Ball (Stroud GL5)
Free: Child booster seats (Stroud GL5) Gifted - Generally good condition - useful for a second car.
Photo of free Child booster seats (Stroud GL5)
Free: Scalectric track (Stroud GL5) Gifted - Track is various gauges and in good order when last used several years ago. - unlike the box
Photo of free Scalectric track (Stroud GL5)
Free: Curtain ings (Stroud GL5) Gifted - Unopened pack of curtain rings for a standard wooden pole.
Photo of free Curtain ings (Stroud GL5)
Free: Laminate flooring (Stroud GL5) Expired - Approx 2sq metres of used light brown oak laminate flooring and new underlay. Request: Hammock frame (Stroud GL5) Expired - I have a hammock which needs a metal frame! Free: Pieces of hardboard (Stroud GL5) Gifted - 15 x small pieces of hardboard - of various sizes probably amounting to 3 sq metres. Free: Interior door (Stroud GL5) Expired - Large white interior door - 198x84x4cm - good condition Free: Kitchen wall and base units (Stroud GL5) Expired - A number of kitchen wall and base units now available. Request: Laminate / Hardwood shelf for a sink 1040x360x35mm (Stroud GL5) Expired - I am looking for either a re-cycled or off-cut to use as a shelf for a counter top sink in a utility room in a modern house. Preferably dark hard wood which is water resistant. I can cut to size. Free: Chest of drawers (Stroud GL5) Gifted - Ikea Chest of drawers - but two drawers are missing. Good condition otherwise.May be useful for spares Request: Office chair (Stroud GL5) Expired - Office chair wanted. Preferably only that swivels. Request: Computer Monitor (Stroud GL5) Expired - My son would like a computer monitor to play his PS4 on oh, and do his homework on. It needs to have an hdmi connection. Thanks