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Free: Size 20 & 22 women’s clothing (Ypsilanti) Gifted - Modest office casual clothing. Ordered online and tried on once, nothing fit and I figured someone might appreciate free plus sized clothes. The suit in the last picture is more ecru and it’s see through, but it could be worn with an extra layer or modification.
Photo of free Size 20 & 22 women’s clothing (Ypsilanti)
Photo of free Size 20 & 22 women’s clothing (Ypsilanti)
Photo of free Size 20 & 22 women’s clothing (Ypsilanti)
Photo of free Size 20 & 22 women’s clothing (Ypsilanti)
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Free: Beard balm (Ypsilanti) - Barely used, made my spouse break out
Photo of free Beard balm (Ypsilanti)
Free: dog leash (Ypsilanti) - Unused, about 5 feet long
Photo of free dog leash (Ypsilanti)
Free: Gamer chair back and neck cushions (Ypsilanti) Expired - They have clips to secure them, I’ll post pictures later today Free: Multi USB charger (Ypsilanti) Gifted - We just don’t have that many usb cable devices that need to be charged at once to justify it lol. I want it to go to someone who really could use it! ❤️
Photo of free Multi USB charger (Ypsilanti)
Free: Mailbox (Ypsilanti) Expired - Never opened, the box was just doodled on a little lol
Photo of free Mailbox (Ypsilanti)
Photo of free Mailbox (Ypsilanti)
Free: Shower Curtain Holders (Ypsilanti) Gifted - Im sure they can also be used for DIY projects apart from hanging shower curtains. There are 11 of them.
Photo of free Shower Curtain Holders (Ypsilanti)
Free: Converse Shoes (Ypsilanti) Gifted - Womens 8s and 8.5s, so approximately 6.5s and 7s in mens. Mostly converse, there may be some business casual shoes or other brands. They’re in good condition, well taken care of.
Photo of free Converse Shoes (Ypsilanti)
Free: Box spring for twin bed (Ypsilanti) Gifted - Never opened, hoping to give it to someone in need!
Photo of free Box spring for twin bed (Ypsilanti)
Request: Gardening supplies (Ypsilanti) Received - Hi! I’m looking for some gardening supplies, specifically a metal rake, shovel, and trowels. I would love to borrow something if you’re close and can’t spare your supplies for more than a week!