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Offer: Freshly Cut Bamboo (McFarland/Union Hill) Expired - This is fairly narrow bamboo (1/4" diameter mostly - good for crafts, orchid flower supports or lightweight plant supports. Cut this week, or you can cut your own. Most of it is 5' tall or so, so can be cut to fit your project. Offer: Vintage Gardening information (McFarland/Union Hill) Gifted - Several books with plastic casing. "Step by Step Encyclopedia of Practical Gardening" I don't know the age, but much of the material seems to be timeless. Offer: Cardboard boxes (McFarland/Union Hill) Gifted - Assorted sizes, I think the smallest is an A3. We're still unpacking, but we need to make room so that we can walk through a room. A dozen or so are unpacked already. Offer: Ladies Winter Clothes for Homeless - McFarland Rd. area Expired - I am looking for the lady who lives near McFarland Rd. and whose church takes clothes and distributes them to the homeless every week. These are old clothes, mostly unworn/lightly worn, but probably not in fashion. They were worn for a semester at a school in Massachusetts before I decided that the cold wasn't for me. Lots of sweaters/knit tops. If you're the person that we gave things to a few years ago, please contact me. If you have a similar mission, please contact me. I will probably find more. Thanks. Offer: Chicken Litter - McFarland/Union Hill area Expired - Approximately 10' x10' coop with several inches of chicken litter for you to scoop out to start your compost pile or add to your garden for next year. You'll need some contractor bags or feed sacks to shovel it into. We can provide the shovel. You'll probably want to wear a dust mask and old clothes, but it's dry so it's not very stinky. Please let us know when you'd like to come and get it. Request: Composting worms Expired - I'm looking for some red wigglers to restart my worm bins. Does anyone have some extras - a handful would do. Thanks in advance. Offer: Pond Filter material - McFarland/Union Hill area Expired - This is a bag of plastic strips for a do-it-yourself pond filter. Could probably be used in an aquarium, too. It's supposed to form the substrate to hold the good bacteria that clean the water. Please indicate day/time of pickup. I can leave it on the gate almost any time. Offer: Aquarium stuff - McFarland Rd/Union Hill area Expired - Odd and ends including filter material, filter charcoal, fish net, a small aquarium figure. Please indicate day and time of pickup. I can leave it on the gate at any time.