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Request: Ottoman/foot stool, St. Johns area of North Portland Expired - Howdy, fellow freecyclers! I am hoping one of you has an ottoman or footstool that you no longer need and are willing to pass along. It doesn't need to be pretty. It does need to come from a smoke-free home (I will Not Breathe and that is Not Good). Medium to large-ish sizes are ideal though we can work with what we can get. We can pick up but I would need your help getting it into the car, unless I have my home care worker pick it up. In which case, he can take care of it all :-) Thank you and happy freecycling! Deborah Offer: Recliner for Big & Tall folks, well loved - St Johns Expired - Hi freecyclers! We have a recliner that is looking for a new home. It is well-loved and rather old, from a non-smoking but pet-filled household. It would be excellent for a rec room, teens' space, someone's first furniture..I hate to landfill it. It is sized for someone who is both big and quite tall...hard for short people to get into and out of, and small people sort of get lost (though you can put several of them in it!) The mechanism to tilt it back and put it up is getting a bit old and creaky but still works. If you have some mechanical aptitude you can probably figure out if it needs work or not. It has some cat scratches and one spot where the fill shows through on the left arm. It's sort of a brown-green suede-y fabric. Pictures available on request. It is BIG. And heavy. You will need to get it out of the house and into a vehicle (or hire movers, or...something). Thanks for freecycing! Deborah Offer: bag of random cat stuff, St. Johns Expired - A friend who will not be getting another cat gave me a big bag of stuff they had gotten for their last cat. I've taken what I'll use but there is still some good stuff left. Anti-scratching spray, waterless shampoo, some homeopathic treatments and some herbal things. Take the bag, pass on what you don't need. And thanks for freecycling! Deborah Offer: St. Johns: unopened half gallon of fat-free half & half Expired - Safeway sent us the wrong thing, and we will not use it. Could you? Email to arrange pickup. Deborah Offer: desk with hutch, taken apart for transport, St. Johns Gifted - I have a fairly nice and rather large desk which needs a new home. It is an L, about 5' on each long edge of the L, with a hutch, a drawer, and a cubby (used to be used to put your tower computer in!) Brown. Pictures available on request. It is completely taken apart and ready for transport and sitting in my garage. If you have an SUV, mini-SUV, hatchback where you can put some seats down, or a pickup truck, it will be easy to move. All the parts (including some extra connectors) are with it. It is right at the front of the garage so will be easy to get it out. I can't help you load, but I will supply encouragement :-) Email to figure out day & time to pick up, and get the address. Deborah