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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Old wooden ladder (Ft lauderdale) - I want to repurpose an old wooden ladder into a cat tree. Preferable 4 steps Offer: Unopened dog food (Ft lauderdale) Gifted - Small bag of unopened dog food, a few weeks expired. My parents left it here and I had it as my emergency hurricane bag not realizing it needs to be used now.
Photo of free Unopened dog food (Ft lauderdale)
Offer: Cat bed (Ft lauderdale) Gifted - My cat does not use it. Maybe has got in it twice. Got from a friend with a small stain but not bad.
Photo of free Cat bed (Ft lauderdale)
Offer: Full bona hardwood cleaner (Ft lauderdale) - I no longer have hardwood floors. This bottle is pretty much full
Photo of free Full bona hardwood cleaner (Ft lauderdale)
Offer: Exterior paint samples pints-blue (Ft lauderdale) Gifted - 4 exterior paint pint size samples. Used them just to test to paint my house. Might be good for an artist or anyone wanting to paint their house a blue color. From Sherman Williams. Aqua colors.
Photo of free Exterior paint samples pints-blue (Ft lauderdale)
Offer: Broken freezer (Ft lauderdale) Gifted - We cleaned out or freezer and defrosted it, but now it doesn’t work when we plug it in. Not sure if it can be fixed. We will put it out for next bulk trash if someone doesn’t want it. Must be taken out of our backyard.
Photo of free Broken freezer (Ft lauderdale)
Photo of free Broken freezer (Ft lauderdale)
Request: Top soil (Ft lauderdale) Expired - If anyone has any extra top soil. Request: Grass seed (Ft lauderdale) Expired - Trying to see if grass will grow on one side of my house, but am skeptical if it will work so don’t want to go out and buy a bunch of it won’t. Offer: 2 Blow up paddle boards-broken (Ft lauderdale) Gifted - We have two blow up paddle boards in bags. They unfortunately don’t hold the air. One the seam on the side of the board is blown out. The other the valve fills but then you take the pump off and it deflates. Will thrown away on Sat May 29, if no one wants or thinks they can repurpose/fix.
Photo of free 2 Blow up paddle boards-broken (Ft lauderdale)
Request: Potting soil or compost (Ft lauderdale) Received - Would love if anyone has extra potting soil or compost. Offer: Vases (Ft lauderdale) Gifted - Collection of random 5 vases, received with flowers over the years
Photo of free Vases (Ft lauderdale)
Offer: Blender (Ft lauderdale) Gifted - 12 speed used blender in working condition
Photo of free Blender (Ft lauderdale)