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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Aloe Vera plant (Oxford OX1) - I have some aloe Vera plant to give away, mainly due to it growing so fast with lots of baby plants! Please me know if you need some
Photo of free Aloe Vera plant (Oxford OX1)
Request: Aquarium filter (Oxford OX1) - Looking for a fish tank filter. Offer: Aloe Vera plant to go (Oxford OX1) Withdrawn - I have some aloe Vera to give away. The pot needs to thin down so I decide to free some baby plant. If you would like one please let me know.
Photo of free Aloe Vera plant to go (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Wood blind (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Wood blind, approximately 90cm wide,1.6m long. In very good condition but The string needs to be fixed.
Photo of free Wood blind (Oxford OX1)
Request: water lily plant (Oxford OX1) - I am looking for a water lily plant for my goldfish bowl. Any offer from your garden would be much appreciated. Offer: Wool carpet/rug (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Wool carpet/ rug, approximately 1.5mx80cm
Photo of free Wool carpet/rug (Oxford OX1)
Request: Goldfish or koi baby (Oxford OX1) Expired - Hi, I am looking for a couple of gold fish or koi baby for my fish bowl. If you don’t want to keep them I am happy to adopt them! Offer: Spare baking tray (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Spare baking tray to go to a good home
Photo of free Spare baking tray (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Full bottles of paints more than two years old (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Paints more than five years old。 ok for outdoor use.
Photo of free Full bottles of paints more than two years old (Oxford OX1)
Offer: bamboo curtain (Oxford OX1) Expired - Bamboo curtain, 1.2m wide, 1.5m long. The string is not working and needs replacement.
Photo of free bamboo curtain (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Hanger (Oxford OX1) Expired - Clothe hanger free to go
Photo of free Hanger (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Bamboo dish dryer (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Bamboo dish dryer.
Photo of free Bamboo dish dryer (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Wok (Oxford OX1) Expired - A wok rusty in the middle. Useable after using oil to lubricate it.
Photo of free Wok (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Chopping board (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Chopping board free to go.
Photo of free Chopping board (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Wok free to go (Oxford OX1) Gifted - A wok. Rusty in the middle but is still useable after using oil to lubricate it.
Photo of free Wok free to go (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Wool carpet used (Oxford OX1) Expired - Used wool carpet for reuse。 It can be used for allotment or as covering. Not recommended for indoors as it has moths problems.
Photo of free Wool carpet used (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Paint leftover (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Leftover paint, white, dusted damson, perfectly taupe
Photo of free Paint leftover (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Ironing board (Oxford OX1) Expired - Ironing board.
Photo of free Ironing board (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Shelving (Girton Interchange CB3) Expired - Four tier shelf.
Photo of free Shelving (Girton Interchange CB3)
Offer: Green linen curtain (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Linen curtains, roughly the size of the french door. A pair.
Photo of free Green linen curtain (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Bamboo curtain (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Bamboo curtain 1m long, 1.2m long. It has a small problem of rolling out due to the string. The string needs to fix.
Photo of free Bamboo curtain (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Computer hardware (Oxford OX1) Expired - Free wifi hub to go a new home. All of them are TalkTalk hub.
Photo of free Computer hardware (Oxford OX1)
Offer: Plant (Oxford OX1) Gifted - Free aloe Vera plants to go.
Photo of free Plant (Oxford OX1)